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+ - Aluminum-Celmet Could Increase EV Range by 300%->

Submitted by LesterMoore
LesterMoore (1842172) writes "Japanese company Sumitomo Electric Industries have developed a new material that they believe can improve the range of EVs by an impressive 300%. The ‘super material’ is a form of porous aluminum called “Aluminum-Celmet.” It is a light-weight metal that SEI believes can be utilized in lithium ion batteries as its 3D structure can reportedly triple battery capacity."
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+ - Scientists ask for escort in Indian Ocean due to p->

Submitted by thebchuckster
thebchuckster (2344102) writes "Scientists are seeking the help of the Australian and US navies to repel Somali pirates who are threatening one of the world's key climate monitoring programmes.

They hope to deploy about 20 robotic instruments in a no-go area north of Mauritius. The instruments, which record ocean heat and salinity patterns, are programmed to submerge and eventually resurface to upload their data to satellites"

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+ - Slime mould simulates Canadian transport system ->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "Yes you did read the title correctly — slime mould can solve optimization problems.
There are two ways to solve any problem using a simulation you can use analog or digital methods. Analog methods have been out of fashion for some time but they could be about to return if the slime mould approach catches on.
So if you find yourself complaining about the road system, electricity grid, water distribution ... it might be a slime mould you have to blame."

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+ - New Features in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot 11:10->

Submitted by
antigaptek writes "Just about a month ubuntu 11:04 Natty narwhal has been released, a lot of controversy unity which is the default Graphical User Interface (GUI) and there's nothing like that do not like, but it still bugs found. Frankly I myself do not like the unity it, because it is very confusing to control it. Now Mark Shutter work and his team are developing Developers Os ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu 11:10 new version of its release schedule in the estimate of 13 October 2011."
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+ - What You Should Know About Facebook EdgeRank->

Submitted by writes "I am surprised by how many people that I talk to still do not realize that how significantly the Facebook Edgerank changed Facebook. The idea was to cut down on spammers and gamers I am sure, but I would rather set my own filters. Edgerank decides what content we see or don’t see on Facebook. For the average user this may not seem like a big deal, however, I think it is unfortunate that many of those users have no idea their Facebook experience is being filtered.What are your thoughts on Facebook Edgerank?"
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+ - Uses for a home server?-> 5

Submitted by NicApicella
NicApicella (656078) writes "I was thrilled to read a recent 'Ask Slashdot' about uses for a small server, since I just got one for myself at home: Unfortunately, the comments weren't really helpful for me (but were to the point). I offloaded my media to the server, so that I can turn my power-hungry PC off and still access my music; I have flat-mates (very good friends of mine), who can now stream my music (it's easier than borrowing them the CDs); I set up automated back-ups. So now it's a (secured) storage and a streaming server: But I still believe it's not living up to its full potential, that it could be so much more. What other cool/useful/sensible/crazy stuff could I let it do? (BTW: No, it's not accessible from the outside world. The bandwidth is pretty low, and I'm not comfortable sharing its contents — possibly involuntarily — with the world.)"
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+ - Recovering from bank fraud? 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last week, I logged into my online banking account to find that thousands of dollars had been fraudulently withdrawn from my account. My bank claims to have a policy of restoring fraudulent transactions, but they are refusing to do so, arguing that the transaction was not really fraudulent. Of course, I'm lock out of my other savings so now I'm having issues paying my day-to-day bills. Has anyone on Slashdot had experience with resolving this sort of issue?"

+ - Pranksters Post Giant Windows Logo on Apple Store 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Working calmly in broad daylight and filming their efforts for YouTube posterity, a fake construction crew attached a large Microsoft Windows logo to the black facade of a soon-to-open Hamburg Apple Store. Neat hack in the MIT vein, but next time the crew might want to take along a pic of the Windows logo — with the adrenaline flowing, some of the colors got rearranged and were hung upside down."

+ - India's Schooling Experiment Tests Rich and Poor

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Passed in 2009, India's Right to Education Act mandates that private schools set aside 25% of admissions for low-income, underprivileged and disabled students. Many of the world's top private schools offer scholarships to smart poor kids, but India's plan is more sweeping in that the rules prohibit admission-testing of students. 'Over the years schooling offered by these two systems [public and private] has become increasingly disparate and unequal,' explained Anshu Vaish of the Dept. of Human Resource Development. But the most notable results of the experiment thus far, reports the WSJ, are frustration and disappointment as separations that define Indian society are upended, leading even some supporters to conclude that the chasm between the top and bottom of Indian society is too great to overcome. Hey, at least we don't have these kinds of problems in the US, right? BTW, about 30% of this year's Intel Science Talent Search 2011 Finalists hailed from private schools, where annual tuition ranges from $15,750 at Ursuline Academy (the alma mater of Melinda Gates) to $37,020 at Groton School (the alma mater of FDR). Some 10% of all elementary and secondary school students were in private schools in 2009-2010, according to the US Dept. of Education."

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?