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I'm just inordinately thrilled to be able to use the phrase correctly for once. Really grinds my gears when people say it instead of saying "forces me to ask the question" or something similar.

Where are my mod points when I need them? Somebody mod this parent up!

He and I have the same gear grinders.

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I'd say the aerospace industry is dealing with it a lot better than the software industry. Perhaps we should get held up to the same standards, maybe then we could earn the title of "(Software) Engineer".

The problem is that there are subsystems on a aircraft can be transparently seen to be critical or non-critical. A loose latch on door to the garbage bin in the galley is not likely to take the entire plane down.

The same can't be said of a computer system. Any program that breaks security breaks it for the entire system.

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by aynoknman (#46014527) Attached to: The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats


REAL REASON ==> HS girls don't want to take a class filled with Slashdot types.

REAL REASON #2 ==> AP Computer Science classes are mostly offered in the wealthy suburbs where few minorities live.

REAL REASON #3 Very few high schools in the US offer AP classes in CS. My high school only had AP classes in English, History, and Mathematics. In fact, no school in my entire state offered AP classes in CS when I was a student.

REAL REASON #3a It's difficult to fund and find competent teachers for AP classes in CS. The old saw "Those who can't do teach" is pertinent here. The intersection of "those who can do CS" and "those willing to take a salary cut to a teacher's salary" and "those willing to put up with the BS that a high school teacher does" is not quite the empty set, but must be pretty close.

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I've always^H^H^H^H^H^H often been told to ignore people that talk in absolutes. I have quite a few problems with Windows 7. Most of them are fixable, but it's a pain in the ass. Also, someone at MS keeps resetting my registry settings that turn off libraries because they feel like forcing it down my throat on OS Updates for some reason.

Fixed that for you. -- Now people can pay attention to your post.

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Does this mean that the founding fathers of the USA have all gone to hell? They did effectively disobey secular authority... the King of England.

The Gadsden flag (a snake saying "don't tread on me") was the flag of the US before the Stars and Stripes. Read Genesis 3, especially verses 13-15 to understand the theological significance. God does the treading. Those who were flying the flag were identified themselves with Satan. The founding fathers may or may not have been Christian, they certainly were theologically literate. They understood (or would have except for willful blindness) the symbolism.

Whether they went to hell or not, the roots of that disobedience are bearing bitter fruit in today's U.S.

A couple of areas where you can see this fruit are gun control and health care. Both of those are rooted in the resulting view that authority is something that you have to protect yourself against (with your own assault rifle) and is totally incapable of nurturing you (providing basic universal health care).

The rejection and hatred of authority results in the impasse where horrific mass murders occur frequently -- but authority is incapable of dealing with the danger of widespread gun ownership.

Almost all other developed countries recognize the greater effectiveness of universal public health care and benefits that a government healthcare system can provide. Because of fear of authority, the U.S. citizens pay too much for too little. Bloomberg recently published a ranking of the world's most efficient health care. The U.S. ranked right up there at #47, just after Iran and just before Serbia.

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