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Comment: Re: Interesting eggcorn (Score 1) 112 112

The correct figure of speech is "free rain."

Nope, the correct figure of speech is "Free Ryan.":
From Wikipedia: "In September 2013, the first book about the Ryan Ferguson case was released: Free Ryan Ferguson: 101 Reasons Why Ryan Ferguson Should Be Released, by Brian D'Ambrosio."

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950 950

being that many of them won't pass on their genes, nature will take care of it

The pertinent question is "Will nature breed it out before society collapses?" The burden of a generation of men who aren't fulfilling the role that society requires of them is probably too much to bear.

Expecting evolutionary processes to solve societal problems is similar to saying that global warming will be solved by the heat death of the universe.

Comment: Re:Scientifically driven politics (Score 3, Informative) 347 347

Yes, politicians and voters imagine themselves to be Canute, without understanding the moral of the story.

Canute has received an undeserved bad reputation.

He went to the seaside and ordered the tide to stop coming in. It didn't stop. However, he wasn't illustrating foolish hubris. He was tired of people in his court coming and asking him to make proclamations that weren't going to work. He really was saying "Look I'm only human and my decrees can't accomplish the impossible."

Comment: Re:Bad French, man (Score 1) 340 340

I just checked around the Internet, and I couldn't find a single example of this maple leaf apostrophe in the Tim Hortons logo. Every example I saw had no apostrophe, no maple leaf, just plain old Tim Hortons. I'm not sure where you got your information from, but I've never seen this Tim Hortons sign you're referring to.

My bad, It's Wendy's that uses the maple leaf not Tim Hortons. I confused the two as a result of their wedding and then divorce.

Comment: Re:Bad French, man (Score 3, Interesting) 340 340

You're right about about the cedilla, only half right about the acute accents. To the language police it's: Québecois.

With their language use laws the language police in Québec also include the QPP (Quebec Provincial Police).

Interesting factoid: Tim Hortons is Canada's most popular coffee/donut fast food restaurant. It doesn't have an apostrophe. In Québec, an apostrophe would make it English, which would make it illegal (or at least illegal if the name was displayed bigger than the French equivalent). On their signs, they use a maple leaf instead of an apostrophe. The eye sees the apostrophe instead. (I'd call it a trompe l'oeill, which would be àpropos if not entirely accurate)

+ - How to Hack a BMW. Details on the security flaw that affected 2.2 million cars->

+ - The Man Squatting on Millions of Dollars Worth of Domain Names

Jason Koebler writes: For the last 21 years, Gary Millin and his colleagues at World Accelerator have been slowly accumulating a veritable treasure trove of seemingly premium generic domain names. For instance, Millin owns, has sold, or has bartered away world.com, usa.com, doctor.com, lawyer.com, comic.com, email.com, cyberservices.com, and more than 1,000 other domain names that can be yours (including yours.com, which he owns), as long as you've got the startup idea to back it up. Millin doesn't sell domain names anymore, instead, he trades them to startups in exchange for a stake in the company.

Comment: Re:Copyright is Now Perpetual (Score 3, Insightful) 227 227

Despite protestations to the contrary, and US Supreme Court legalism, copyright is now perpetual.

And why would that be wrong? Drawing parallels between copyrighted materials and real estate (since there are many similarities)

There are also significant differences. If I build a house on your property, you can't. If I make a new book based on ideas from "your" book, It doesn't stop anyone else from doing the same. You don't care, you've been dead for 50 years.

"I don't believe in sweeping social change being manifested by one person, unless he has an atomic weapon." -- Howard Chaykin