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Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

"Because America is not a totalitarian society, unlike yours."

Ahhh of course. That's why we "totally" don't shoot each other all the time.

"Police using guns to shoot bullets into them."

Seems you were too busy sitting in front of a computer growing a neck beard to go save everyone with your gun. Next time for sure. ;-)

Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 0) 1134

Nice, I see what you did there. Something I've only just realised recently is that Americans are so crazy they actually accuse their media of being biased for telling it how it is. You really believe, while you all run through the streets shooting at each other, that the media has some secret agenda behind reporting on how fucking bad that is for you all.

How safe were the people at this latest shooting? Are you actually so incredibly deluded that you think more guns would have made the situation better? Just take a look at your last sentence: "Citizens using guns... saves lives". People shooting each other dead, saves people from dying. Mind blown. Oh yeah, the craziness is definitely in that liberal media you're always bitching about, nowhere else.

If guns make people safer, why are you all not mandated to take one with you every time you go on a plane? That way the plane would be totally safe. Right?

Comment How do you live with the pedants? (Score 2) 129

How do you feel about the fact that while important questions go unanswered people are harvesting points simply by taking the word "thanks" off the end of posts? Does it worry you at all that the kind of people most attracted to your site are not interested in actually answering questions?

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 563

"Do we need actually infinite resources or would we just need enough resources to cover everyone's needs?"

Spot on. Although you mentioned socialism so be ready for the flood of accusations of being a communist dictator.

It's only our primitive 21st century economics that tells us we need infinite exponential growth in order to continue.

Let's just see how sustainable we think that is 300 years from now.

Comment Re:Relativity gets ignored in Star Trek (Score 1) 563

"you do not adequately understand the effects of relativity"

No it is entirely untrue that the writers of star trek ignore the effects of relativity - they even play on it in oh I don't know EVERY THIRD OR FOURTH EPISODE EVER. That is why long range communications or interstellar travel involve subspace, a space where presumably some form of instantaneous of much-faster-than-light travel or communication are possible.

Now don't get me started on the whole Star Trek IV warp 10 thing, but if you can believe that a spaceship can be made to go faster than light is it not even possible to imagine that they have sorted out some of the other problems inherent to that?

Submission + - Are Apple, Google, Facebook about to profit from domestic violence? (

aybiss writes: On ABC's (Australia) The Drum tonight there was a story about the Australian Federal Govt pledging $100m towards domestic violence action. Part of the story involved the purchase of 20,000 'safe phones' which can be given to those escaping domestic violence so that they can't be tracked by GPS.

Do you think that the big tech companies have something to answer on this issue? I for one disable the entire feature and I'm not sure whether these phones simply won't have GPS or whether it is permanently disabled or simply turned off in the phones' settings, but surely instead of pledging to purchase MORE smartphones and either pay more for the phones to be specially made/setup or for someone to set them up, we should be demanding that phones explicitly ask every time they want to make someone's location public?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 64

"Is a "no, you!"-kind of reply all you can come up with for a proper comeback?"

He/she probably decided a dick like you that lashes out at random and clearly has huge issues about relationships wouldn't be worth the effort.

I've seen people be all sorts of idiots on here, this is about the most unjustified and personal attack ever.

PS before you ask I'm married AND know where my wife is. Is that OK with you?

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