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Submission + - Are Apple, Google, Facebook about to profit from domestic violence? (

aybiss writes: On ABC's (Australia) The Drum tonight there was a story about the Australian Federal Govt pledging $100m towards domestic violence action. Part of the story involved the purchase of 20,000 'safe phones' which can be given to those escaping domestic violence so that they can't be tracked by GPS.

Do you think that the big tech companies have something to answer on this issue? I for one disable the entire feature and I'm not sure whether these phones simply won't have GPS or whether it is permanently disabled or simply turned off in the phones' settings, but surely instead of pledging to purchase MORE smartphones and either pay more for the phones to be specially made/setup or for someone to set them up, we should be demanding that phones explicitly ask every time they want to make someone's location public?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 64

"Is a "no, you!"-kind of reply all you can come up with for a proper comeback?"

He/she probably decided a dick like you that lashes out at random and clearly has huge issues about relationships wouldn't be worth the effort.

I've seen people be all sorts of idiots on here, this is about the most unjustified and personal attack ever.

PS before you ask I'm married AND know where my wife is. Is that OK with you?

Comment Re:Subject (Score 1) 307

At some stage a decision was made to monetise ads by how many times they're served, not by how many times they're actually effective (e.g. clicked on).

I don't think they could have foreseen the landscape that would create, but hey, they're advertisers - anything bad that happens to them is just funny.

Comment Re:What happens when (Score 1) 1291

This has been said so many times on this page.

a) What do you care what Joe spends his money on? It helps the economy anwyay, which your opinions on this would seem to indicate, would help you.
b) I'm sure you won't smell too much of the rotting Soylent masses from your ivory tower, so why do you care what happens to Joe?
c) For the love of God how does it hurt you if someone else decides to help Joe?

Please try to think about being in a position that doesn't involve having just bought a Jeep and then reconsider the proposal. That goes for everyone else on this page who assumes nothing bad will ever happen to their career.

Comment Re:let's print money with a perpetual motion machi (Score 1) 1291

The entire economy basically works on the fact that if you have a big pile of money you can make more money off it for nothing.

All they want to do is stop giving that money to people who are already rich, and split it evenly amongst the people who actually produce it.

They just might not put it exactly that way since that would scare the "I've got mine, everyone else can burn" crowd. ;-)

Comment Re:I approve, sorta (Score 1) 1291

It's nice to see you sorta agreeing, but I still have to pick up on the general tone underlying this shows, one that's mirrored in plenty of other posts. If you think money is in anyway tied to real values of things you only need to watch the economy news each night. Inflation is caused by entities such as banks constantly siphoning off the outputs of productivity (wealth) and putting it in big piles where it doesn't get used.

But then you actually put the word "offensive" next to the idea of wealth distribution. While I understand that's an incredibly popular standpoint, particularly in the US, it totally boggles my mind.

Do people teach their kids to share any more? Tell me, if you do but you hold this opinion, why bother teaching it to your kids at all? Surely what you teach them is that the optimal situation is one where one sibling controls the other entirely, through manipulation of the relative values of the things the subjugated sibling wants?

The idea that someone with more of something than they need can give some of it away is, to me, so fundamental to how society works that I find it scary to be face to face with people who honestly seem to hold to the mantra that they wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire. Meanwhile these people always seem to be STRONGLY behind the idea that it's ME who should bail out multi-billion dollar fuckups by banks for example. :-)

Finally, you're incredibly concerned that I don't waste my free money. What did you do with your latest share dividends (i.e. what do people who currently get free money as a result of others working do with it)? Investing in education and agriculture in the third world? I didn't think so.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 414

Yep trillions of dollars. So about as much money (although arguably imaginary money in the first place) would be missing all of a sudden if the oil-driven economy of the US were to collapse. Without getting into the details of why, it's ludicrous to believe we have any other interest in the area.

Well, except that whole Jewish state thing you guys set up...

Comment Re:Excel. (Score 1) 889

I'm not sure if you're joking or not when you talk about a 'functional' spreadsheet program that by default prevents you from looking at two spreadsheets at once. :-P

I'd also love to know just what Excel does, apart from blindy executing native code it finds in a spreadsheet, that the others don't do. Isn't that in fact the problem? That nobody else would be stupid enough to allow embedding DLLs into spreadsheets or executing them without asking?

I mean there's only so many sorting, summing and graphing options you need on a normal day, so either it must be the scripting that people miss, or since I checked out OoO it has removed hundreds of already working features.

Comment Re:Exchange (Score 1) 889

You mean like the feature where I as the *end user* get 12 emails a night about synchronisation problems. TEMPORARY synchronisation problems.

Or perhaps you're referring to the way its client can't remember the extra calendars I've opened or that I want to see them in full week view?

Or is it the way that Outlook screws up drawing your list of messages, so you go through your inbox deleting stuff and you're off by one but can't tell.

Oh I know, it's the way that when you're typing near the bottom of the email it thinks you're in the signature area and stops spell checking and showing paste options?

People crap on that they need this and that from Microsoft. Bullshit. What the human race really needs is at least one properly functioning office suite.

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