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Comment Re:Hostile governments... (Score 1) 124

What on earth are you on about? I never understand how a level playing field for health is a bad thing. How is that ceding power? Isn't that protecting the power from being abused by capitalists? And lets face it, if you are where I suspect you are, spouting such nonsense, those have ZERO accountability to even economics any more, let alone morality.

Comment Re:Moon Zero? (Score 1) 147

"It's worth comparing to missions undertaken to the new world, or the colonisation of Australia"

Hmmm yeah when that funding from you guys ran out it was hell down here. Oh except for all that coal our self-sustaining economy keeps selling, but hey that's only a half a billion tons per year.

Comment Stop please I'm gonna pee my pants! (Score 1) 193

Market uptake for this Windows is the worst ever and I think will level off at around what Windows 8 was.

The OS is a service! LMFAO. So you mean like some sort of system that allows me to operate my computer? A modular system of components that can be independently upgraded and improved? Like Windows 95?

And this is the winner: They can ship improvements to me without selling me a new OS. Really? Aren't they clever!

Comment Re: Well, sure, but... (Score 5, Interesting) 295

The trouble is, like most anti-GMO people, you have a fundamental lack of understanding of what genes actually do.

They mutate by themselves for one thing. Should we be running around ensuring that no natural mutations occur? No because that would be an insane exercise and would fly in the face of the fact that DNA has been doing shit for a billion years before you came along to worry about it.

Intermingling crops? Are the crops you're talking about native to the area you're in? Are those crops naturally occurring strains of plants or have they been only in human cultivation for a few thousand years?

I'm not gonna say we _can't_ kill the planet by messing with species, but I will say with the utmost confidence that we won't.

Comment Re:Um... you're not nearly cynical enough (Score 1) 365

If it cost them too much do you trust them not to take those things off you?

You are of course aware that whatever you do and however much you're paid for it you generate at least 10x that much wealth for your employer?

Just keep shaking your fist at those invisible illuminati who want a tenner from your monthly wage. They're clearly the REAL problem here.

Comment Re:Search engines are expensive and this is niche (Score 1) 424

Playing devil's advocate, if I search "database redblack c#" isn't "redblack c#" the context in which I'm searching database? In other words I don't want to see articles that only contain the term "database", no matter how many Kardashians are also mentioned.

I realise it's embarrassing to Google, as keeper of all human knowledge, to say "0 results", but I'd LOVE to be able to confirm that was the case sometimes.

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