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Comment: Re:Dumb idea ... Lots of assumptions .... (Score 1) 698

by aybiss (#48374999) Attached to: US School Installs 'Shooter Detection' System

"Co-relation is not causation, I'm pretty sure all those shooters also regularly drank milk yet I don't see people blaming milk for suicides or homicides."

Easily the most pathetic argument I've ever heard from a gun nut. I think I could fairly easily demonstrate that the murder weapon used in a murder does have a *causative* role in the events.

Comment: Re:Desparate Microsoft pulls a "Sun Microsystems" (Score 1) 525

by aybiss (#48374927) Attached to: Microsoft To Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET and Take It Cross-Platform

Have they fixed the fundamental flaws in Windows or Office that have made everyone's life a PITA for 20 years? If I happen to be pressing 'Y' just as a dialog pops up asking if I want to format C, what will happen in Windows 10? Can I open two Excel spreadsheets at once without having to Google how yet? Can I open two spreadsheets that have the same name but are in different directories yet? Can Word be used for a numbered list without causing psychosis yet?

At least you could argue that Windows and Office now cost far closer to what they're worth I guess.

We have no sympathy for them because they have made numerous decisions like those and have never acknowledged let alone given any explanation as to why they felt they should arse-rape the whole huamn race like that.

Comment: Just shut the fuck up about it Slashdot (Score 1) 613

by aybiss (#48298045) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

Are you a guy who is lifting bricks into place to make a building when the sun comes up in summer and makes you too hot to continue?

Are you there milking the cows to get us some milk when the sun _doesn't_ come up in winter and it's so freezing you can't move your fingers?

Nobody gives a fuck what _you_ think about what time it is, office boy, and after reading these all comments, I thank fuck for that.

Comment: Re: microsofties here is your chance to party (Score 1) 98

by aybiss (#47772435) Attached to: Project Zero Exploits 'Unexploitable' Glibc Bug

If you're talking about 'hold your head this way, right click on your keyboard then unplug your RAM == crash' then yes a change might be something you weigh up.

When you're looking at the code and you see *'this is logically incorrect'* then you fix it immediately. If you're smart you also create some unit tests _proving_ that it was incorrect before and is now correct.

Fuck everyone else who wants to reformat the headers of this part of the project and has it all checked out, fuck people who bitch about 'stability' in the sense of things not changing (after all, you don't HAVE to upgrade), you just fucking fix it.

That's what a programmer does - tells a computer how to *correctly* solve a problem.

Comment: Re: microsofties here is your chance to party (Score 1) 98

by aybiss (#47772417) Attached to: Project Zero Exploits 'Unexploitable' Glibc Bug

You may be correct but there's a couple of differences - firstly the processor designs are so incredibly complex now (Intel recently issued a 'microcode patch' that actually disabled some instructions on a certain batch of CPUs) that they're all optimised by computer, so it's unlikely that there's much leftover unused functionality. That brings me to the second point, in that whatever 'undocumented' behaviour is available is unlikely to be as useful as e.g. a deprecated opcode on a ZX80. Moreover, you don't go buy a ZX80 with exactly the same processor as everyone else any more. Not only do you have multiple brands to choose from for the same architecture, you probably aren't even paying attention to the exact model you are buying.

Comment: Re: microsofties here is your chance to party (Score 1) 98

by aybiss (#47762941) Attached to: Project Zero Exploits 'Unexploitable' Glibc Bug

It's an oldschool attitude to not touch things, from back in the day where software was so flaky that chances were someone had already 'exploited' the bug to do something non-malicious.

It drives me fucking crazy, having been born pretty much into the internet age where the corrected answer can be available in *seconds*. It's pretty obvious from the description what the bug is, so saying you aren't going to fix it is, as you say, pure laziness.

Comment: If you can rip it off in days... (Score 1) 113

by aybiss (#47762625) Attached to: Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With "Swing Copters"?

"years of hard work undermined by someone who cobbles together a clone in a matter of weeks or days"

Sorry but if I can reproduce the game in entirety in days, then what you've done is years of dicking around.

It's time we stopped babying everyone who got the hang of 2D graphics and sound in Android like they've invented the internet.

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