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+ - Ask SlashDot 1

Submitted by
axor1337 writes "OK, so I have been a long time apple hater. Mainly because of their closed hardware ecosystem. and I still don't think I will ever buy a mac, BUT...

My daughter(13) wanted a iPod touch for her Birthday a few days ago and we got it for her. I was playing with it (after she went to bed) and LOVE IT!. the only thing I found it lacking was a camera, but the mac rumor mill says that the gen 4 coming out in Sept. will have the new features of the iPhone 4. I am planning to wait till then and get one for the wife and one for myself. My Question to the SlashDot community is this:
What are the best productivity apps for the iphone/ipod touch?"

+ - Demonoid site down Tracker up

Submitted by
axor1337 writes "It appears that Demonoid.com is down at least the site, the tracker seems to still be working. I don't know any more thought I would see if the SlashDot crew could find out more."

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