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Comment: Arrogant to presume no life. (Score 2) 239

by axjdo (#40196427) Attached to: No Intelligent Aliens Detected In Gliese 581
Just because there are no detectable radio signals doesn't mean there is no life, it may just be pre-industrial. WWII pushed us into the modern era. Without that we may still be using megabytes or even kilobytes and leaded gas. Maybe there is a planet with a single race and less aggressive tendencies, they may develop in a different fashion, while being advanced they may not be pumping massive RF for long-enough for us to detect. Not every species is going to be or was as addicted to TV and Radio as we are.

Comment: Ideal mesh backup AKA CrashPlan (Score 1) 293

by axjdo (#40082475) Attached to: 60TB Disk Drives Could Be a Reality In 2016
Even half this space would yeld sufficient space for a 'mesh' backup network AKA crashplan software for a good size organization, with a solid gigabit or 10 gigabit switch on your network, a full cross backup could be completed overnight even for a org that produces a lot of multi media content. One exiting option would to do a full then differential snapshot backups for all pc overnight to a central server with a box of these drives. Any major problem with a pc and you can just re-image yesterdays snapshot.

Comment: Re:Waiting for... (Score 1) 372

by axjdo (#20984565) Attached to: Hitachi Promises 4-TB Hard Drives By 2011

Yeah. That's me backup in a backup in a backup >>>

Seriously I had my full music library nested 3 times over. When I backed up, I left the main folder on the other drive and absorbed it into the next backup as so on. Very sloppy management on my part.

Now that I have a new laptop and am retiring the 5yr old desktop I plan to manage data much better.

Not that I have a choice on a 120gb main drive and a 160 external versus a 300gb+80gb + 160 external.

Too many drives just make for a mess of data.

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