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Comment: Re:not really (Score 1) 63

by axismundi (#33925310) Attached to: Supercomputer Sets Protein-Folding Record
You're absolutely right, though you're going to get a lot of abuse for your statement. While I think it's fine that they continue pushing research in this direction, its usefulness in drug design, etc. is often overstated, typically to get the funds necessary to pull off this kind of stuff. And yes, I was once a protein folder (in grad school), so I am qualified to make this statement.

Comment: Re:DON'T DO IT! You'll get fired (Score 2, Interesting) 366

by axismundi (#33820602) Attached to: Simple Virus For Teaching?
I wrote a virus in middleschool (Windows 3.1 and DOS) which I showed to a friend, who infected some girl's computer. Turns out her computer belonged to her dad's small business. The ensuing shit-show of confused administrations, criminal charges, civil threats and pissed parents ended with a restraining order on ME and apparently some trouble for the "exploratory program" administrator, who at some point allowed me to use a computer, though it was most certainly not in any way involved with my extracurricular activities. Never underestimate the ability of an organization such as a school to dish out punishment on the wrong people. I agree with the parent poster, steer clear.

Comment: If you think lefty is hard... (Score 3, Interesting) 426

by axismundi (#33590388) Attached to: Left-Handed Gamers Getting Left Behind?
I once knew a guy who worked as a video game tester in Baltimore (for Absolute Quality). He had no right hand, just a stump. I'll never forget getting my arse completely stomped by him in any and every game we played together. The advent of the mini joystick (versus 8-way D-pad) on the N64 forward allowed him to play on the same level as anyone else.

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