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Comment: How are we any different? (Score 1) 206

by tekrat (#48810913) Attached to: China's Engineering Mega-Projects Dwarf the Great Wall

American *has* to have the biggest military on Earth.

We spend more on "defense" than the next 10 countries combined. We have spent more on a single fighter plane program (the F-35, which still doesn't work), than the entire defense programs of most other nations on the planet.

We just have our 'infrastructure" in a different way. Instead of building, we're looking to destroy. So when other countries make roads and dams, we make bombs.

Comment: Third World Status, Here We Come! (Score 1) 496

by tekrat (#48797331) Attached to: Ted Cruz To Oversee NASA and US Science Programs

Nigeria is laughing at us. I'm waiting for other nations to start sending us foreign aid.

Surely, next time I look up the definition of irony in the dictionary, it will contain the quote "Ted Cruz heading Science Committee" -- or perhaps that's an oxymoron, like "Military Intelligence" or "Jumbo Shrimp".

Comment: sideboob (Score 0) 490

by tekrat (#48775813) Attached to: In Paris, Terrorists Kill 2 More, Take At Least 7 Hostages

Slashdot's geek cred might go up a little if they dedicated some space to sideboob. They are admittedly aiming for the lowest common denominator.

Let's face it, since Taco sold it, it's never been the same. But what are you gonna do? Unless you're prepared to buy Slashdot from the current owners, or make your own competing website, I think this is still the best we've got. The stories are crap, but the comments out there shows me there's still a lot of good people who frequent this place. That's what I come here for.

Comment: Hello, Big Bank Here.... (Score 1) 189

by tekrat (#48766613) Attached to: UK Government Department Still Runs VME Operating System Installed In 1974

And we are running an IBM Mainframe. Yes, it's been upgraded to zOS, but it's fully OS360 compatible and I regularly review Cobol code with comments going back to 1980. There's been a push from above to use the Control_M "GUI" interface, but a lot of the folks here are resistant, since we have faster and better control via the terminal (sorta like GUI versus Command Line).

And yes, my Windows workstation is simply a glorified terminal as I spend all day logged in to the mainframe itself (green screen apps).

Comment: That will change very shortly.... (Score 2) 78

by tekrat (#48746127) Attached to: Space Policy Guru John Logsdon Has Good News and Bad News On NASA Funding

All the Chinese have to do is land a man on the moon -- even if it's a one-way trip -- and NASA's budget will skyrocket when they believe that the Chinese will have the high ground. It will become a defense program -- and you KNOW those have unlimited money, even from Republicans... hell, especially Republicans.

Comment: This article is over a year old! (Score 1) 110

by tekrat (#48498353) Attached to: Armies of Helper Robots Keep Amazon's Warehouses Running Smoothly

Guys, I saw this on "60 minutes" over a year ago. Seriously. Seriously. Give up Slashdot and let someone who actually gives a fuck run it instead. Seriously. How much do you want to sell it for? I'm ready to change careers and I could run this site blindfolded better than you guys. Please. Sell. You don't know what you're doing and you're one step away from losing the entire audience.
Please sell.

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