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Comment Re:USB port on iPhone (Score 1) 491

I'm afraid this is explicitly not true.

Not even all my NOTES (made in apple's notepad app) were able to come over, I had to cut/paste into an email, email myself and cut/paste back into notes.

PDFs did not copy over even from backups made from SYNC. Nor did any WIFI locations/passwords. Nor did any application data. Although after the Sync I got all my apps and music back, all the third party apps such as PDF reader, were like starting from scratch.

Text messages and related data certainly do not get backed up, there's even a booming market for "copy programs" so you can copy that data to a new phone.

I've had to retain my old phone as a backup device because I'm still not 100% sure what data I'm still missing on the new phone.

Don't tell me this is trivial, because then it's obvious you don't really use your phone for much more than playing a few games and surfing facebook, you've never used your phone for much.

Comment in NO WAY RELATED (Score 1) 143

So, if I cut the telephone lines going into people's houses, is that the same as hacking the telephone network?

If someone is in an auto accident and hits a phone pole, is that the same thing as hacking the car (and subsequently hacking the phone network?) And Horrors! Imagine if the auto accident was because the person was on the phone!

The only way this is similar is if "hackers" knock down the power poles with bulldozers, the old fashioned way. There's no "cyber" anything involved with this story, except in your imagination.

This is a Donald Trump story. This is campaign fodder for his "fear everyone" brand of crap.

Comment USB port on iPhone (Score 1) 491

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 from an Iphone 4. What a freaking nightmare because Apple only "allows" you to copy your data from what you have saved in their cloud,

And not everything is saved in the cloud. For example: If I download a PDF reader, and then download PDFs to read, what gets backed up by the computer is the PDF reader, and NOT the PDFs.

This could have been avoided by having a USB port or a card reader in the iPhone. This is something Android gets right, and Apple gets horribly, horribly wrong.

I now realize that because I use the phone as a general purpose computing device and SAVE DATA TO THE PHONE, so I can access it anytime (even when I don't have a phone signal), I can only upgrade my phone once every ten years or so, because the hassle Apple has created for me is too much trouble.

Comment Work/Life balance means Life *is* work (Score 2) 242

Where I work keeps promoting this Work/Life balance thing. But it's complete horseshit. Our staff has been cut to the bone and then some, so there isn't enough coverage for our 24x7 operations.

I for example, am a 1-man department, I can't take a sick day or a vacation day, and if I were to take a day off, what I come back to the next day is double the work.

Basically there is no life beyond work, and if you complain, the company is more than happy to lay you off and replace you with a H1-B visa dude.

My guess is that work/life balance isn't for us in the trenches, it's for the guys in the corner offices who make more than a $Million per year, own 6 fancy cars, and talk about their "Vacation Home" in Hawaii.

Comment CIA created ISIS (Score 2) 318


When you consider that the CIA created Osama Bin Laden (by training him, and providing weapons when he was fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan); and the CIA created ISIS (by creating false intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq), the CIA is simply a terrorist organization that pretends to be working for American interests.

We're better off without you frankly. The world would be a lot healthier without your meddling. Stop trying to make Dick Cheney even richer than he is.


Comment Sue. sue, sue (Score 2) 214

Experian is a multi-billion dollar entity. They will never change the data in their machines, because they long ago laid off all those people to raise their stock price.

People have been suing Experian for years to change their credit histories which are borked by these agencies. Experian has found it cheaper to pay the lawsuit settlements than spend the money to update credit histories.

You will never be able to get a credit card. But you might be able to get a 10's of thousands settlement with Experan, which might buy you a little happiness.

Seriously, you're better off leaving the country and restarting elsewhere under another system.

Comment Ever been to an airport? (Score 2) 190


Posting a large sign indicating that your constitutional rights are no longer valid is a perfectly valid way to violate them.

Just consider the TSA. They post a large sign indicating that your 4th Amendment rights are no longer valid beyond a certain point before boarding the plane. And apparently; the entire fucking country just accepts that.

Comment H1-B and outsourcing where I work. (Score 1) 284

I work for a large bank that rhymes with face. I have watched the area I work in go from 90% american workers to 90% H1-B workers. And that wouldn't be so bad, except on top of that, they are offshoring like crazy as well, and those guys on the other side of the planet do not do anything.

Tickets come in during the night, and they sit on them. Then, when (we) the day shift comes in, they forward us all the tickets, meaning we start every day with a flood of work. What is the point of paying the offshore dweebs if they aren't doing squat?

Sooner or later this policy will bite my company in the ass, and there will be no one left who knows these systems to fix it, because all the people who could have done the work were laid off to save a few bucks.

And while I'm no fan of Trump, he's right -- all the H1-B women are preggers. They are having anchor babies like it's going out of style.

Comment Does this include BetaCam? (Score 1) 103

There were many "pro" and prosumer variants of Betamax. For example, in the late 80's we shot the PBS TV show "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" on Betacam SP, which was a 1/2 tape format that had the quality of shooting on 1" tape.

Betacam was a really, really good format. I'd be sad to see that go, but I guess everything is digital these days and HD, whereas Betacam was analog and NTSC.

Comment Yeah! 'Murica Number One! (Score 1) 622

Except we are not. We are number one at getting ripped off by the corporate greed that infests this country. As Bernie Sanders pointed out, Congress does not control corporations, Corporations control Congress.

Our so-called "elected leaders" are nothing but paid-for shills, puppets of corporate America and the real masters of the country are Verizon, Comcast, Time-Warner, JP Morgan, General Electric and Exxon-Mobile.

And until this situation changes, either by gaming the system or violent revolution, we are stuck with always paying the most for the most mediocre of services.

Our healthcare system is a giant mess, our roads and bridges are third-world, our airports ungainly, and even our internet, yet another thing that was created here, has been surpassed almost everywhere else.

We were once a shining beacon of high-tech and middle-class luxury when the rest of the world was still living in horrific conditions, now we are a symbol of a failing empire, mostly due to the obscene disparity between the ultra-wealthy and the ever-shrinking middle class.

Other countries and businesses are able to offer "unlimited" data plans. But that is due to infrastructure investments. However the money spent there isn't spent here, because that money instead goes into CEO compensation, bonuses, quarterly profits and shareholder dividends. That's why we can't have Unlimited Data, even though we pay double what a user does elsewhere, AND these companies were given money by the government (which is our taxes) to expand their infrastructure, funds that they then pocketed. So really, we paid three times for this, and got ripped off.

And not a single CEO goes to jail. Because they are running the show.

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