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Journal: Relative Slashdot Account Age

Journal by awing0
Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I signed up for an actual account in 2001. I had been reading prior to that, and I wish I had grabbed a lower UID. I noticed UIDs are over 1,000,000 now too. When did you sign up?

Journal: Taking the 1TB RAID5 plunge.

Journal by awing0
I've been wanting to do this for a while, and after collecting parts and waiting, the things I needed to buy hit my price point. This is the breakdown on my new fileserver:

Intel server mainboard 2 x 1.0GHz Pentium III Socket 370's with 1.5GB SDRAM: FREE
Server chassis with decent cooling, 400W redundant power supplies: FREE
3Ware 9500-S8 SATA 64bit PCI RAID5 board: $250 (eBay) http://www.3ware.com/products/serial_ata9000.asp
4 x 400GB WD 7200 SATA150 16MB Hard Drives: $570 (NewEgg)
SATA Cabling: $10
Misc mounting parts: $20

Since HD makers mark a GB as a billion bytes, the drives are really about 372GB. Given RAID 5 overhead, I should have 1,116 GB usable or 1.01 TB. I did it all for $850. Provided I did cheat a bit with some free stuff. My advice: Make friends with an electronics recycler near you.

These parts are in the mail right now, so I've yet to tackle putting it together. I chose 3Ware because they have good Linux support, so I shouldn't have any problems getting this up and running. I'll benchmark it and write some more about it after I actually get it.

Journal: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Journal by awing0
I finished reading the book a week ago. I probably should have read this a lot sooner. It's a good interesting read. Maybe someone can clear up or confirm my issue with the book's plot.

Why would they need the Boneli Reflex-Arc Test or the Voigt-Kampff test when the androids holed up in Isidore's apartment have a Penfield equiped alarm device that induces severe panic in humans? Such an effect would be an easy android test. The book insinuates that it would not panic the androids. This happens in chapter 14:

Isidore said, "Won't the alarm affect us?"
"That's right," Pris said to Roy Baty, "It'll affect Isidore."

Also, Rachael gives Rick a device that interrupts breathing in humans or androids, only androids can't recover as well as humans. This also seams like an easy test, not one that can falsly identify an empathy lacking human as an android as the Voigt-Kampff test might. Not to mention you could apply the breathing test or the panic test pretty much involuntarily of the subject.
Wireless Networking

Journal: Wardriving setup.

Journal by awing0
Lately I've been working on getting a PC into my car so I can go wardriving. I picked up two D-Link DWL-G520 802.11g cards, one for my car and one to act as my own access point. The cards are linux supported with the madwifi driver, and work with the kismet wireless sniffer. The driver seams to be a little immature, but it does work.

I'm not using WEP for my home network, and instead I am using OpenVPN (great project) to encrypt my traffic between my AP and car (mp3 syncing mostly).

Now to build a cantenna....

Journal: HP Visualize B180L

Journal by awing0
This is the latest architecture/machine to go up on my network. It joins the ranks of PPC, SPARC64, Alpha and numerous i386 machines. This workstation features:
  • PA-RISC 180MHz CPU
  • 256 MB of ECC SIMM RAM
  • Seagate 4.2GB SCSI Hard Disk

livecd root # cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor : 0
cpu family : PA-RISC 1.1e
cpu : PA7300LC (PCX-L2)
cpu MHz : 180.000000
model : 9000/778/B180L
model name : Merlin L2+ 180 (9000/778/B180L)
hversion : 0x00005040
sversion : 0x00000481
I-cache : 64 KB
D-cache : 64 KB (WB, 0-way associative)
ITLB entries : 96
DTLB entries : 96 - shared with ITLB
BTLB fixed : max. 16384 pages, pagesize=4096 (64MB)
BTLB fix-entr. : 0 instruction, 0 data (8 combined)
BTLB var-entr. : 0 instruction, 0 data (0 combined)
bogomips : 119.60
software id : 2014541132

I'm currently installing Gentoo 2004.3 hppa. It seams the be the most up to date hppa distro, even though it may be painful on a 180MHz machine. What do I know, I'm just a hobbiest.

More specs here: http://www.openpa.net/systems/b-class.html


Journal: Gmail Invites 3

Journal by awing0

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