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Comment: Re:ESA's spectacular rash of achieving failures (Score 4, Interesting) 337

by umghhh (#48393197) Attached to: Philae's Batteries Have Drained; Comet Lander Sleeps
the statements about dead of the lander are slightly exaggerated. It may still wake up. What was the last time when your project delivered all you started it for, did it on time and possibly (as we do not know it yet) did not reach goals on ambition level? I would like project that I work on be as good as this one. But than I have the biggest evil in the whole universe to fight against: bean counters.

Comment: Re:Who cares about the lander? (Score 1) 337

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I suppose the poor guy may have made a mistake but the nazimfems and their serfs that go after him and his shirt should be sent to uranium mine for their stupidity and lack of spirit and understanding for other humans, especially if those are equipped with rape toolkit formerly known as penis.

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unless the touch in question is carrying meaningful traces of infectious agents of course. Besides I may still be a social ape but I dislike other humans with exception of my kids and these means a very small group of people and limited set of types of human touch. Human touch may still help in releasing some endorfins but it confuses the hell out of me too with the result that on average the outcome is negative.
It's funny.  Laugh.

CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand 236

Posted by samzenpus
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MojoKid writes Since the release of its Surface Pro 3 tablet, Microsoft has pushed their new slate hard. It's as if the company wanted it to overwrite that part of our memory that recalls the Surface RT and its monumental losses. This past August, we saw the company make a big move by deploying a boatload of Surface Pro tablets to every team in the NFL, gratis. All season so far, coaches and even players have made use of them to plan their next course-of-action, and for the most part, they seemed to be well-received. Unlike some of the products Microsoft tries to get us to adopt, the Surface Pro 3 really is a solid tablet / convertible. Unfortunately, at least where the CNN political team is concerned, Microsoft hasn't won over a few anchors, like they have in NFL, when they were supplied with brand-new Surface Pros. In recent shots captured and tweeted about, a Surface Pro 3 can be seen acting as an "iPad stand," and quite an expensive one. As humorous as this is, it might not seem that interesting if it were just one correspondent who pulled that stunt. Let's be honest, some people just like their iPads. That wasn't the case, though. There were at least two commentators using an iPad on the same set, despite having the Surface right in front of them and seemingly hiding it behind Microsoft's darling Windows 8 slate.

Comment: Re:latency doesn't matter for video, bw, jitter do (Score 1) 200

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If you dislike government making decisions then there is a problem with 'we' that you use as in "we have to do something". If you want to have a general application of some rules then usually you need to have to talk to gov. Unless the matter can be resolved by talking to one controlling body that is not government. Do we have such? So if your statement (about 90% of issues being fucked up by a gov) than there is a much bigger problem in your country and that is not net neutrality or few angry and uninformed people talking nonsense.

Other than that it is a very thoughtful post, thank you.

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Is that so? So why the biggest democracy in the world India has higher poverty levels than the most populous country in the world which is not very democratic? One can take your sentence of course and say that for it to work you would have to have functioning government and during process of building one there is no way to have democracy but I think the old fart that allegedly said this thing was maybe drunk but surely did not mean all that much.

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we all made a conscious decision on that? I must have missed that somehow. Privacy is not dead. There is always something that can be done to ensure good enough level of privacy that also allows good enough chances to catch criminals. The current violations of privacy are not used to do even that but serve the powers that be. And that needs to change.

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