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Comment easy peasy (Score 1) 192

this is really easy. You have 3 guys in your team - convincing them may not be a short process but it is possible. You have hundred developers - you can just forget it.
Unless of course you are allowed to use taser to convince and stocks (with tar and feathers as well as flogging in more critical cases) to ensure compliance.

Comment Re:Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 1) 366

So what we need to tell all aircraft manufacturers - install this strain gauge of yours (if the view that there are only 3 points there is accurate enough is another story). This will surely include heavy cost as with anything aircraft related and produce its own faults. I am not saying it should not be done. What I wanted to covey is that it is not certain that the effort is worth it. I am pretty sure mistakes are made all the time more than it is comfortable to think about. Yet nothing really happens. In one case both pilots made a mistake making it to almost crash yet there was still no significant damage or? Thus the question is justifiable - is the technological measure so much better to make it into production? As with many other things that we experience in real life - there are solutions and we still do not use them because the cost does not justify the benefits. Especially if cost is not only deploying new solution but also costs of new faults that it brings with it.

Comment Silly (Score 1) 258

This Gll dude is just silly - he does it all wrong, if he made an intelligent car with 3d printer as discussed here many times this would solve all the problems. Even more - if the whole world had been made with a giant 3d printer then there would be no problem with white spots on maps used by autonomous cars.
At least at the beginning when the model and reality were still almost the same.

Comment Re:Climate change vs. Nuclear accident (Score 1) 313

I answer to myself as I do not want to answer each of the below responses separately.
I know of technical solutions to waste disposal. I did not mean this. I mean practical and genera population agreeable ways of resolving it barred odd Finland do not exist - you take this strange mountain in Nevada (I think) in the time used for a discussion about it USA produced most likely more waste that would fit into it anyway. So whatever a nice solution you people have unless it is agreed by general population you will be keeping your waste on top of nuclear facilities and some other strange places as you do it now.

Comment Re:What does Mass. Mean... (Score 1) 245

What about people that accepted the p. bargain which legally means that admitted that they committed the crime they were charged with which I turn means that the screwed evidence is of no value for the actual conviction. Nicely fucked up system of justice. European one is not all that faultless either but so much of a fuckup that it qualifies to be called royal one, is a rare situation and this is systemic so we are not talking about mistakes but regularly biased activity.This whole bargain shit is screwed on so many levels that I actually doubt that any justice system allowing it can be considered just and this before we even consider how fucked up certain areas of justice in US are (war on drugs).
12 angry men - my arse.

Comment Re:Systematic Failure (Score 2) 245

If you took views of most of the people innocently convicted with views of the judges Dredds administering justice from comfort of their cellars here you would notice a strange thing - people that served the sentence without committing a crime are maybe not relaxed about it but they tend to forgive the mistakes - they would not survive the stress otherwise. Take Rubin Carter for instance - his life was ruined and he did not go after the public prosecutors or false witness. I guess he could and probably would get suspended sentence for that. Still he did not. Instead he worked for the cause of the wrongly convicted.

Comment Re:That's great news (Score 1) 21

'need' is a big word but I think those that are afraid to be infected with stuff and those that are afraid of being divorced into poverty would have some use in this invention. I guess there some other groups of people that would seriously consider realdoll if there were one. Besides your statement shows little to none understanding to individuals that are not interested in female body (electric sheep comes to mind but there are other choices too I would imagine).

Comment Re:Fukushima was WORTH IT (Score 1) 313

Are you relocating to Fukushima any day soon? I mean there may be a hassle with permits I guess with Japanese gov. being painful when it comes to formal things but the property prices in the vicinity of the reactor should be good. Unless of course they are to be used as a storage area for sacks and containers with contaminated stuff etc.
You see problems of most of the internet forums are diverse but one is striking - there are lots of words because they are cheap. Show us how you enjoy living near the broken reactor and we may consider your words more carefully next time. We will also see how well are you and your kids after say 15years of living there.
I do not mind nuclear reactors if they are taken care for properly, including waste disposal in not fantasy solution of nuclear reactors phase X and including as well the proper insurance costs. Other than that there are other options than nuclear that we can pursue without wasting our time on discussing this BS.

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