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Comment: Re:The Elephant Internet (Score 1) 43

I stand up for watching my pr0n and for my political views and although not quite comfy about it being known to everybody I do not care much. If they want to send me to quarry they will anyway. Fuck NSA and current incarnation of authoritarians. They shall rot in hell together with idiots that make it a business to sell my private data to everybody and any attempt of protection against it, socially conspicuous.

Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps? 76

Posted by Soulskill
from the don't-let-the-sun-go-down-on-them dept.
snydeq writes: The trajectory of Mozilla, from the trail-blazing technologies to the travails of being left in the dust, may be seen as paralleling that of the now-defunct Unix systems giant Sun. The article claims, "Mozilla has become the modern-day Sun Microsystems: While known for churning out showstopping innovation, its bread-and-butter technology now struggles." It goes on to mention Firefox's waning market share, questions over tooling for the platform, Firefox's absence on mobile devices, developers' lack of standard tools (e.g., 'Gecko-flavored JavaScript'), and relatively slow development of Firefox OS, in comparison with mobile incumbents.

Comment: Re:Snowden isn't coming - this is all a ruse (Score 1) 653

by umghhh (#49175245) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

Concessions on Ukraine in return for Snowden? I mean get real - US play hard ball on Ukraine and Russia for more than a year now. They played hard ball on Snowden too. Current US government does not see anything wrong with both policies so why would anybody think that changing one being paid by changing another is at all what US government want?

Comment: Re:Needs several people to wear them (Score 1) 150

by umghhh (#49163793) Attached to: AVG Announces Invisibility Glasses
They all surpoassed NKWD and GESTAPO as well as STASI in their efficiency and reach. Considering so called enhanced interrogation and killing of some (mostly wanted) people with drones they are already far ahead. But of course they are working on a license from democratically chosen government albeit one must accept that gerrymandered elections districts in some areas of US democratic system are not really all that democratic and rather unproductive.

Comment: optimization (Score 1) 257

by umghhh (#49135233) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

Lets face it - the drive to optimize and automate things cannot be stopped and its natural consequence is that most jobs will be optimized out of existence making it the first time in history possible to live off of the rent. This does not have to happen today but some day in the future the automation may come to a stable point.
The question is then who possess it all. The other is what will happen with out-optimized people. I think great SF works show it all - intelligent ones in societies that share and redistribute may have a life of art and science leaving the lower classes to indulging in chemical and technological stimulants.

Possibly you can also have a situation where you just leave the majority to itself. If they have no means and cannot acquire any (no jobs) this will lead to violence.

The other interesting point is this. Automation and optimization is nice but it has a weak spot - it is optimized for a given set of parameters and given ranges. If something major happens the qualities of humans that have not been put into automated infrastructure may be needed to survive changed environment. At the end it is as it always was - something big happens (Toba blows up or 1% goes for soylent green solution etc) and the survivors have earth for themselves.

Comment: Re:New version! (Score 4, Interesting) 264

by awing0 (#49110697) Attached to: Linux Kernel Switching To Linux v4.0, Coming With Many New Addons

Yes, exactly. I'm running Debian Jessie and I'm not really comfortable with binary logs. It takes decades of log practice and throws it away. For what? Search capability? Maybe there's some security benefit, honestly I don't know enough about it to comment. I'll be forwarding my logs to nice text files for the foreseeable future though, until I for one welcome my new systemd overlord.

Comment: Re:How do you confirm somebody's gender online? (Score 1) 286

by umghhh (#49106923) Attached to: An Evidence-Based Approach To Online Dating
I actually tried. What I found out is this: time and money spent do not justify the results.At the end if a hooker does not do a blow job well I just wasted a good hour and 50E. Most of traditional dating sides require a fee from males (and lesbians). You also invest time into finding and negotiating a date then you go on one. There are different people of course - some will score every time they want and they want every time - I would not turn to dating site if that were my case. Thus after some time I concluded that instead of frustration and rejection I can go for hookers. If one pays well one goes above the level of misery - that is of course if hookers are legal in your country. For me they offer the best deal. Again for me the dating BS is for people that have too much time on their hands and interest in fellow humans that justifies the risks and costs. OC this approach does not suite some. I tried all the other options except abstinence and this seems the best. ymmv of course.

Comment: Re:Boring (Score 1) 286

by umghhh (#49106787) Attached to: An Evidence-Based Approach To Online Dating
I think this is changing at least in civilized countries it does - for years now German couples that split have to support the financially weaker side independently of gender thereof. There are also limits for how much a side that takes kids can ask for help - courts tend to believe that if a kid is healthy and kid caring parent too then if there are no other obstacles this side can go to work thus reducing financial strain on the other. This of course does not mean you go off the relationship scot-free. If she did trick you in producing offspring you are out of luck - you have to pay. Having offspring is a risky business. If you did not produce one then it is easy. Especially if you had a premarital agreement. If things are that uncomplicated you can even save on a lawyer and take one the last one time together.

Comment: Re:He Was The Disease (Score 1, Troll) 132

by umghhh (#49090095) Attached to: Resistant Bacterial Infection Outbreak At California Hospital
I seriously doubt that he had anything to do with freeing me from tyranny. These were my fellow citizens who kicked the collective ass of communist party plus communist parties themselves by running their economies to the ground and seeing everything as danger to communist ideals thus suffocating all non-governemnt initiated activity except resistance. He happened to be just at the right spot to take the glory.
US were sick when he took office. I am not sure they recovered all that much unless of course you take that the status of US finances is perfect.

This is a bit OT but still. I saw a documentary about him not long time ago where they said that although he was a right wing anticommunist radical there were only 3 'marines sending events' at his watch - the smallest number since WWII. No wonder nobody likes US and US embassies have to look like fortresses. But hey this was apparently not his fault!

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