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by avgapon (#46450767) Attached to: Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

Exactly. With all this ecstasy from revolution, people should look a bit which statements Praviy Sector and Svoboda made before. Before revolution they said several times, that Russia, Poland and several other countries own their territory, plus their hymn include "russians on knifes" and "ukraine for ukrainians". Now guess, what will happen when they have nukes. I was shocked, when i so how their "activists" attacked veterans of WWII, 80+ year old people, in 2011, Lviv. Check youtube for that.

Care to back your accusations with facts / links?

+ - Slashdot and Hacker News raise $43,200 for the FreeBSD Foundation in three days!->

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An anonymous reader writes "The FreeBSD Foundation has posted blog article article talking about the remarkable surge in donations they've received in the last three days following a recent Slashdot article reporting on weak fundraising this year. Deb Goodkin reports that the FreeBSD Foundation, as with many non-profits, receives more than 50% of its annual funds at the end of the US tax year, but that the Foundation has never seen this rate of donations before, and will hit a new record for unique donors this year. She comments that it was Slashdot readers that made the difference! She does, however, appeal for further donations noting that they have a long way to go on their full goal."
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by avgapon (#40315187) Attached to: OpenBSD Fork Bitrig Announced
Are you quite sure of what you say here? E.g. look at Andorid as an example of sharing back by mandate. Revealing some derived source-code and truly sharing it back (making it usable) is not the same thing. Also, regrading the hardware support, GPL has nothing to do (in direct sense) with many companies providing linux drivers for their hardware. You know, much more companies provide windows drivers (and even certify them with ms) and that's not because of gpl. It's just that historically linux has achieved (a lot) more popularity than BSD-derivatives.

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