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Comment: Re:Science != Biomedical Research (Score 2) 352

by avandesande (#49776773) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

I don't mean easier as in effort- just in the scientific sense of having hypothesis or theories that are provable experimentally. Obviously nobody would have been willing to fund the LHC unless there was good reason to believe both the experimental and theoretical rigueur existed to support it.

Try to think of a biomedical experiment on the same level that would justify the expense- you can't because the field is much too complex.

Comment: Re:As usual... (Score 1) 377

I wasn't arguing that a contract with a professional photographer means anything to people attending, just that they have the ability to restrict vendors to these events. The student running around taking pictures and then selling them online could be construed as acting as a vendor.

Comment: Re:As usual... (Score 1) 377

This does make things a little more fuzzy. I wouldn't be surprised if a local professional photographer was already given an exclusive contract to sell photos. I doubt that vendors can just attend an event and sell something like hot dogs for instance without some kind of agreement.

Comment: Re:Typing (Score 1) 300

Agree one hundred percent, typing has been given short shrift. In 8th grade we had a whole year of typing on IBM Selectrics. In addition to touch typing we learned a lot about proper letter formats and things of that nature. I am sure they could throw in a lot of relevant stuff about word processing software, but they don't offer typing now- at least at my children's school.

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