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Comment: Parent of 16YO with Autism (Score 1) 289

My oldest son was quite different from the start.

Finally had him diagnosed in the 3rd grade with HFA and PDD. Psychologist suggested putting him on 5 different drugs (no thanks!). They tested him and he scored a 70 on an IQ test.

We did get special services in school and he was in special ed for most of his classes, mostly for the benefit of smaller classes- however didn't pursue anything outside of the school. I don't think any study has shown therapy to be useful or effective and there is too much profit motive involved.

He has been raised the same way as our 'regular' son with the same expectations for behavior and family contributions. Any 'odd' behavioral issues that I thought would greatly hamper his ability to function in society are discouraged.

He seems to have grown out of a lot of the issues he was having, he is a sophomore now and has been in honors math his second year and in regular classes. No close friends yet but there are a few kids he goofs around at school.

So here is one anecdote about a hands off approach.


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