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Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 181

Sure, so where is the scientific method in comsci? Math proofs? They are self contained based on closed rule sets, they are supposed to be consistent within themselves but they do not measure anything, nor do they necessarily have anything to do with observable phenomena. Formal science, OK, but not just science, or STEM would be known as STE.

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 181

And I said comsci is technology,math, maybe engineering but hardly science. Mathematical proves of big O and the rest of algorithms and data structures is not a study of natural phenomena and the experiments supporting theoretical run times are not discoveries of natural phenomena, they are more reflective of the engineering effort that goes into construction of the computers that execute the theory.

Comment Prove it. (Score 1) 11

(a) I was pointing to a VDH piece.
(b) VDH (not me) offers a pledge for "all liberal celebrities, business people, and politicians". He subsequently offers an example involving a cleric.
Oh crapflooding crapflooder, you do flood you the crap.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 58

No, I'm simply answering your question regarding "What is it people are afraid of".
They fear the same swindling rodeo clownery that,
while arguably not the root cause of the world's current slide toward general war,
it can fairly be said,
is doing roughly shag-all to mitigate any threat in any direction.
#OccupyResoluteDesk, indeed.

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