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Comment: Range and recharging time (Score 2) 511 511

Those are the main two. Let's take a look at my work week that starts tomorrow.

I leave home in a pickup truck and drive 267 miles to a motel. Assuming the motel has a recharging station, I guess I could recharge overnight before going to work Monday morning, but what are they going to charge to sell that electricity?

Assuming they have a recharging station and the cost is reasonable, I can work Monday through Friday as usual, putting about 100 miles per day on the vehicle.

What about Friday? After a day's work how do I recharge fast enough to make it home? Sure, I'd have some miles left after working to make a little ways up the road, but what then? Stay in another motel Friday night to recharge my vehicle? That makes it pointless to even try to make it home for the weekend.

Ideally an electric-powered work truck like mine would have at least a 300 mile range, and recharging would take 15 minutes or less. If we get the technology to that point, then my company would consider replacing our fleet.

Comment: Re:Thank God! (Score 1) 75 75

There are several apps on my Galaxy s5 that cannot be disabled. Some are Samsung apps and some are AT&T apps. The "Disable" button is there, but is greyed out. All I can do is force stop them and they'll return anyway. It's enough to make me wanna pull my hair out.

At least they won't update. I have auto update turned off.

Comment: Re:Once Again (Score 1, Offtopic) 138 138

You know whats worse than todays pilots flying ancient airplanes, a brand new extravegantly expensive F-35 that cant match an F-16 or F-15E built in the 80s, planes built for a fraction of the price.

The F-35 might be an OK successor to the F-117 as a mostly stealth small bomber, but all indications are its completely worthless in a close in dogfight, you just have to read the leaked report from a recent test against an ancient F-16.

The F-35 simply doesnt have enough power, cant turn fast enough and bleeds off to much energy. The pilot found one manuever he could use to shake the F-16 but it consumed so much energy he had to run away and try to get the energy back.

The F-35 will also be horrible in the close air support role at which the A-10 excels, again at an even smaller fraction of the price tag.

F-35 is a classic jack of all trades and master of none.

There might have been a place for a few hundred of them but for the U.S. and every allied air force to think they are going to use one horrible design to replace every fighter they have is complete insanity. If it ever reaches full deployment, one accident or problem and the entire western world will have no air force. At least the Navy has the sense to keep the F-18 alive.

The F-35 is a tribute to the extent Lockheed has seized total control of Congress and the Pentagon, they could literally sell the Air Force actual turkeys for a hundred million a pop and get away with it.

Those B-52â(TM)s still flying today is because Northrop, has also seized control of the Air Forces generals made the B-2 so expensive and so few in number the Air Force canâ(TM)t afford to risk it in combat.

Besides the U.S. has been fighting people living in mud huts who have no air force and air defenses for over a decade, B-52â(TM)s and A-10â(TM)s work incredibly well in that role.

Comment: Re: Access buried conduits along the rail line? (Score 1) 40 40

You know where's it at, but you don't know how to spell it? It's Stevenson, not Stephenson.

And I'd hate to commute from either Chattanooga or Huntsville. The roads are not great, and it would take longer than you estimate, especially with traffic.

Comment: Re:I actually like Charter (Score 1) 70 70

I've been a Charter customer for years and I am totally satisfied. I have super fast and reliable internet service with no data caps and never even a hint of throttling.

And every month AT&T sends me a letter offering "high speed" internet service that's less than one tenth as fast. Ha, fat chance!

Comment: Re:Prime Scalia (Score 1) 591 591

Scalia is right, and the Republic is officially dead. There's no coming back from the slippery slope of SCOTUS re-writing law to please the administration. Congress is just a rubber stamp for whatever the administration wants nowadays. Almost like a dictatorship, wouldn't you say?

It's over. Welcome to Fascist America. You all wanted it. Hope you're happy.

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