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Comment: Re:Oh goody (Score 1) 264

by reboot246 (#49366665) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid
SCOTUS can go jump. For most of this country's history immigration was a state matter. Go read your history and you'll see that states controlled immigration, and the feds stepped in only when requested. It makes sense when you read the word "state" as "country", the way it was meant to be by the Founders.

Comment: Re:Journalists being stonewalled by Apple? (Score 1) 268

by demachina (#49340881) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Hacker News has a fairly good track record causing something resembling the Slashdot effect at least on lower capacity servers. Its pretty rare you hear anyone comment that they got a traffic surge when their blog appeared on the front page of Slashdot any more, though it is quite common to hear comments about traffic surges from Hacker News.

Comment: Re:Countries without nuclear weapons get invaded (Score 3, Interesting) 228

by demachina (#49340853) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Iraq used chemical weapons to pretty good effect to stave off Iranian human wave attacks during the Iran Iraq war. If they hadnâ(TM)t it would have somewhat increased the likelihood that Iran would have won the war. With the help of chemical weapons Iraq fought a much larger country to a stalemate.

The Reagan administration and numerous western companies were fine with Iraq using chemical weapons against Iran during that era. They didnt want Iran to win that war.

Comment: Re:Price is ridiculous (Score 1) 79

by reboot246 (#49331659) Attached to: Better Disaster Shelters than FEMA Trailers (Video)
Exactly my thought, too. Instead of an EXO, why not just make a portable toilet a little bit larger to include space for a couple of beds? At least you'd have a place to go to the bathroom. Cooking could be at a separate, community-based facility.

The EXO is extremely overpriced for what it is - a large plastic box that sleeps four uncomfortably.

Comment: Re:No Static Typing (Score 1) 178

by rs79 (#49324979) Attached to: Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices

"It is also interesting that 40 years of careful research into programming language design, including very sophisticated systems such as Algol 68 and Common Lisp, had absolutely no effect on the design of what are the most commonly used hack languages today. (PHP and C.)"

You may have won the Internet today. I salute you sir.

(btw I'm totally stealing this)

Comment: I call BS (Score 1) 143

by reboot246 (#49310925) Attached to: Excess Time Indoors May Explain Rising Myopia Rates
I grew up in the 50s and 60s, and I spent most of my time (when not in school) outdoors. We rarely went indoors during summer break, in fact they had to make us come back in during thunderstorms. I was nearsighted by the time I was in 4th grade and had glasses shortly after that.

As an adult I've worked outside for the past 39 years. Still nearsighted and still wear glasses.

What caused my bad vision? Certainly not too much time spent indoors, right?

Comment: Re:20 years and not many failures. (Score 1) 307

I can count hard drive failures on one hand and have five fingers left over. That's right, I've never had a hard drive fail.

I even have an old 20 MB hard drive that I bought for an Atari 520ST that still works, and the Atari still works, too! Can't do much with it nowadays, but it still runs the programs off the hard drive just fine.

Case fans are my bugaboo. I guess I should buy better ones. I've had several fail over the years. No other failures except one small power supply. I'm either lucky or I just maintain my machines better.

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