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Comment Re: Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 576

If I understand correctly, the country they came to first was Turkey. By international law, Turkey is obliged to let them stay if they are truly refugees. Turkey is not allowed to simply let them pass through to wherever they think they can get the most benefits.

Comment One thing I've learned on /. (Score 1) 348

Nobody in the whole universe knows what a socialism is, not even socialists themselves. No matter how you define it there will always be somebody who says you're wrong. They won't even accept the definition given by recognized socialist organizations.

Anyway, Hillary has described herself as a "progressive" in the old sense (meaning early 20th Century). Anybody care to define THAT?

Comment Re:Science! (Score 2) 737

Yep, we're turning the clock back hundreds of years with this crap. Disagree with the majority and get put in prison or executed. And they call themselves "scientists"! They don't know what a scientist is. Most here don't, either.

If an idea can't stand on its own without silencing opposing opinions, then it's not much of an idea to start with.

Comment Re:I wonder if they're going to use this as "proof (Score 1) 657

That's insane. The thugs steal from the poor more often than they steal from the rich, mainly because they are close by and usually unarmed. There are thugs out there who will kill you for a few dollars. They don't care who you are or how much money you have.

And far, far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by law enforcement, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe.

I know a lot of cops. There are rich ones, poor ones, black ones, white ones, and everything in between. Most are salt of the Earth and a few shouldn't be trusted with any authority at all. They're just like everybody else trying to do a job and make it to retirement.

Comment Re:Medical paywalls are medieval (Score 1) 414

It's a 300 year old one of many branches of medicine. From that school came vaccines, ergot, caffein and many more.

Google homeopathic cocoa and click images.

"Homeopathic" is a Latin word and it has a very very specific technical meaning. Do the above search and ask yourself how does it differ from an Apple?

Comment Re:History of medicine, part IV (Score 1) 414

If you don't feel that's correct please alter Wikpedia and they'll explain it to you.

This is from the medical industry's history of vaccination, this is not from any homeopathic sources, so you just disagreed with vaccine stuff.

You did this because you don't actually know a fucking thing about the subject you're attempting to discuss with somebody who has studied it
probably for longer than you've been alive.

Always check, you may not be right ad in a post Internet ra there is no excuse for this ignorance.

Comment Re:History of medicine, part IV (Score 1) 414

I've researched this for many years. It's interesting.

I wrote this from memory, not from "google searches". I use Google scholar anyway.

You have not found an incorrect premise or any flaws in he logic. You don't like it. Ok. So fucking what?

Here's the cleaned up copy I sent to JC's people.

Never trust an operating system.