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Comment Re:Email use on the decline in general (Score 2) 149

Definatly not true.

Really? The trend has been downward for a number of years for everyone below the age of 55, a much as 59% for teens. For those older than 55 there is an upward trend, but overall the trend is down.

Comment Email use on the decline in general (Score 1, Interesting) 149

I think it's more because email use in general is on the decline. Facebook and other social media sites are the reason as people keep in touch with that instead of emailing. Couple that with the already entrenched services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc and it's little wonder there was little interest.

Comment Re:I'm just scared shitless (Score 1) 314

Isn't that because MS were selected as the sole supplier of ECUs by the FIA? Something makes me suspect the decision was made on how much the FIA were paid, rather than on the merit of Windows an an RTOS.

That's quite possibly true. I was simply pointing out that the MSFT system was being used in F1 cars and making no judgments about the merits or otherwise of the selection process or its in-practice efficacy.


Submission + - Comparing Heat Shields: Mars Science Lab vs. SpaceX Dragon (

An anonymous reader writes: On August 5, 2012, the world’s attention was captured by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landing. One of the key components in the multifaceted landing of the Curiosity rover safely on Mars was the Thermal Protection System (TPS), or heat shield, on the spacecraft carrying the rover.

Sensors being added to the Mars Science Lab heat shield. Photo by NASA.
The thing people remember most about the heat shield is when it popped off the spacecraft and flung like a frisbee across the Martian landscape, landing with a plume of dust. Measuring nearly 15 ft (4.5 m) in diameter, the MSL heat shield was the largest to ever travel to another planet.

Comment CrashPlan (Score 1) 326

I'm a photographer too (albeit semi-pro) and don't have that much data, about 2TB at last count. I use CrashPlan, they offer both cloud ($6/m unlimited data), local and shared (backing up to a family/friends computer). You can seed you initial backup to the cloud with physical disks sent to CrashPlan.

Comment Re:Cross functional standard that is driven by mgm (Score 1) 429

We use a very similar naming convention, slightly less granular, but effect; State, City, Use, Number ie NYNYFS01 = NY, New York, File Server, 01 (a second file server would be numbered 02) At home or in small business movie/book/game characters can be fun, but once you start to get more than a few systems and employees and that starts to become unwieldy.

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