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Comment Block all adverts... (Score 5, Insightful) 39

Use a good browser plugin or some good backend rules, but block every single advert out there. That stops the "OHHH YOU GOTTA INSTALL THIS" vector that fools clueless visitors into downloading and running the trojan.

Good people install adblocking on every single computer they touch. Bad people allow ad's from websites.

Dear web admins.... WAHH. If you cant vet and host your ads yourself to make sure they are safe, you dont DESERVE your ad's to make it through.

Comment Re:Ahh not a real ubuntu tablet but the "lite" toy (Score 1) 92

Linux on the surface Pro 1 or 2 makes the wifi more stable. It has been a nightmare for running windows on it because the marvell wireless chipset is a piece of crap that will lose its initial configuration the windows driver only loads it on install. the linux driver was modified to reload it on every single boot.

Blame microsoft for using the low grade dog food that is Marvell chipsets.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama (Score 2) 133

". One of the biggest reasons to *not* vote for Sanders is that the free health care giveaway is just going to make people more dependent on the central government"

As Opposed to the Piece of crap healthcare system designed by Mitt Romney we have now that is designed to line the pockets of Insurance companies?

"Affordable Healthcare Act" is Romneycare in every form... if it was "obamacare" I would not have to be paying $850 a month for it. Real republicans would be outraged by the shit being pulled in congress by republican leaders..
I would rather have "free healthcare" that doesn't bankrupt people and punish the middle class than having the Bullshit that the current leadership shoved down our throats.

How about restoring the 5th amendment? How about abiding by the fucking constitution and protecting it? You know real important shit that has been ignored for the past 14 years because of the boogymen of terrorism.. Instead you are all upset about something that will actually help people?

This is why I don't call myself republican anymore, people like you prefer to hate instead of doing what is right.

Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 131

Similar solution, yes. See my comment above - a working model should be included in any patent application. And I can take your model and use it if I pay you, or I can invent my own without paying you. That was the whole idea of the patent system, wasn't it?

Software patents make the "I can invent my own" impossible. And that is where they went wrong.

Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 131

The problem (or, if you prefer, great part) with this line of reasoning is that if you follow it to its logical conclusion, it strongly suggests that what you would need to submit as a "software patent" is, in fact, the source code, at least for the portion of the program that you wish to patent.


Wasn't it that to get a patent you had to submit a working prototype or model? The same should be required for software.

Of course, we already have intellectual property protection for source code: copyright. So should there be software patents at all? Or should software patents replace copyrightable source code? Or should there be some kind of hybrid system, where you can have your source code patented, or copyrighted, but not both...?

I don't care, really. But if you claim the protection of two completely different laws with different time periods, intentions and consequences for the same thing, then there's something wrong.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 287

history tells us that bombing and shelling cities full of your own civilians doesn't exactly instill a sense of gratitude and acceptance toward the government.

Even the most oppressive and tyrannical governments on the planet very, very rarely need to do that.

Look at tyrannies around the globe. You don't see tanks on every corner. You just need to have them, and bring them in once a decade to remind people.

Rebellions rarely have a whole city rising up in unison. They usually start small and if the government can ROFLstomp the whole thing before it has more than a hundred or so people in it - remember Waco? They probably thought the rest of the US would rally in their support, defend their freedoms and get out the guns. What makes you think your "freedom fighters" group will be different?

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 287

All the high tech tanks and planes of the USA military proved useless against a determined insurgency in Vietnam. The Russians encountered the same thing in Afghanistan, as did the Israelis in their occupation of Lebanon.

I don't need a book to know that.

Now look at Vietnam, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Would you like to live there? The Vietnam war ended around the time I was born, and they still are suffering through its aftermath. Afghanistan and Lebanon will not be rebuilt for at least two generations.

If the USA government can't defeat a few thousand lightly armed insurgents in a country the size of Afghanistan, how are they going to fight a few million similarly armed U.S. citizens in a country 12x (lower 48 states) the size?

If you seriously think that lazy americans who freak out completely when 3000 people die in a terror attack would stand 10% of an Afghan war equivalent, you are seriously deluded.

Comment Good idea... (Score 1) 17

Go ahead and look for Sirius tuner RS232 information online.... most of the links are dead-dead. having non dead links on your site by caching the information is a good idea because your content does not go irrelevant when someone shuts down their freebie page because they got bored.

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