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Comment Re:other market factors to adjust for (Score 1) 200

Yes, but the difference is this white dragon runs all your Windows applications* *as long as they were previously compiled to run on the White Dragon architecture, developed using genuine Microsoft Development Environment 9000. All this can be licensed for the low low price of your first born.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 295

I'll add this in too: Other foods that humans have modified... Though these are through selective breeding. Humans have been manipulating our food sources ever since we took to farming. Sure, they may not have done it with a chemistry set (or lab), but that corn sitting on your plate is not a "naturally occuring" plant.

Comment Re:No child gets ahead either (Score 1) 132

I have a friend that is a 5th grade teacher in New Mexico, and the standardization is killing the education system. The no child left behind nonsense meant that if some (very small) percentage of students within a school failed a standardized test, then the whole school failed and was put into remediation. Students fail again, teachers get fired. On top of the Federal requirements, there were state standardized tests as well. Last number I recall, out of 180 school days in the year, something like 15-20 of them were now reserved for standardized tests.

So, you have this lethal combination of getting 180 day curriculum into 90% or less of the days, on top of making sure the dumbest kids are able to scrape by in the tests.

Sorry, not every kid gets to be an astronaut... And for those parents whose kids eat glue? Well, they can rest assured their kid is getting the attention. The smarter children are sitting around bored, listening to the same equation for the 20th time.

If you want to give your kids the best chance to excel and grow, consider a private school or be ready to (gasp!) be an active parent and work with them in the afternoons.

Comment Re:Impressive... (Score 2) 150

I'll share an anecdote with my story from Microsoft.

Way back in 2007 I bought a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard and mouse to replace my Logitech that kept dropping connection and "sticky key"ing (connection drop, last key hit was repeated until I could reconnect). For some reason, the driver install would complete, but it wouldn't actually pick up the keyboard and mouse. Then I read it needed Windows installer 3.0 (I think?), but I had 2.something. Uninstall/reinstall a few times, nothing. So I call tech support and get an Indian listreader. Nice enough guy, but stuck to his script, and I uninstall/reinstall/reboot a few times. Then he asked a couple pointed questions and said he'd arrange to have an OS guy talk to me 'tomorrow', so we set up a time.

Tomorrow hit, I did get a call from the same guy, and he patched in one of the MS OS guys. The OS guy sounded like he was from the West coast. He runs me through a couple things, gets me to boot into restore mode and gives me this arcane command line to try to force remove or update of the Windows installer. No such luck. He then tells me "you know what I'm about to tell you, don't you?" "Yup, reinstall and patch up the OS" "Do you have a backup?" "All my files are on another partition" "I do that to!!". Turns out you need Windows installer to add, remove, or update windows installer. And if windows installer goes tango uniform, you're S.O.L. and J.W.F.

So yea, at least in this story they start with the lowest common denominator, but they were able to get the right level soon enough.

Comment Re:I'll bite (Score 5, Insightful) 265

Im of the opinion that it takes all of about 8 hours to learn to do the majority of things you would want to do in powershell (partly because thats about how long it took me). You just have to take some time to sit down and learn it, and then make an effort to use it instead of GUI administration tools. It is far, far superior to old windows command prompt and vbs,

I think the same can be said about any *nix shell. Having used powershell a few times, it really just feels like a kludged attempt to bring CMD.exe to something closer to bash.... 20 years later. Now the question becomes just because you can use it, does it mean you should? Last I checked, Windows still has a lot of protections from even the simplest modifications. I much prefer being able to see /etc/fstab than working with some nebulous class with functions that barely make sense.

Comment Re:Not necessarily! (Score 1) 140

My own story, in a nutshell. I had Comcast in my own town, and through a couple moves the same story happened. Each time I've said I want only internet, and they come out and disconnect me completely, i call them back, a goon comes out and reconnects and I have TV too. Funny thing is, an ex I had was fundamentally opposed to TV for whatever reason, so I kinda stopped watching it myself. That was 8 years ago. Now I'll watch the occasional thing on Netflix, maybe a few youtube channels, but that's about it. I haven't had a need or missed TV in near a decade.

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