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Comment Re:Riiiiight.... (Score 1) 108

I have /tried/ to work on 7 inch, it is barely readable but for longer time utterly useless - funny thing it was on a ultraportable ibm 10 years ago, a thing with no keyboard and touchscreen, the memory kept falling out of it sockets too:) Then i have used 10", 11", 12" and 13" laptops, numerous palms and a few other strange things, and found that for everyday use of several hours, the minimum useful (for more than simple text) is 13" - otherwise it will be only useful for short transit, i would certainly use an iphone/ipodtouch together with a macbook air instead of trying to get everything on something in between - and for editing photos 15" is barely enough And after 10 years of windows i must say comparing the physical specs of macbooks and winbooks is like comparing houses in different countries, if you can get mansion in iraq for half the price than a flat in germany would you still call that a comparision? - the basic issues of stability and productivity of the os is way more important than small differences in price, weight, speed and battery life, and i must personally agree with the canadian study that showed a 40% productivity advantage when using osx compared to windows Thus i right now use mac only, and the few 100$ i spent extra has already saved themselves in more worktime, if i was to advise a company i would not be in doubt, especially with the iphone entourage software rolling out in june

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