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+ - Is Apple Behind Every Default Desktop Background?

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes " has run a story that features ten of its favorite default desktop backgrounds, including the classic Macintosh System 1.1's grey wallpaper, Windows 3.0's solid grey wallpaper, irix 5.0's pebble blue background, Windows 95's teal background, Mac OS X's wavy blue lines, Vista's wavy green lines and Ubuntu's seemingly Mac inspired brown swirly wallpaper. Is it just me or is Apple behind most default desktop wallpaper designs?"

+ - Toshiba Italy Considering Linux Pre-Installs

Submitted by
Trip Ericson
Trip Ericson writes "Following Dell's recent moves toward offering Ubuntu Linux as a pre-installed option, an article at DesktopLinux reveals that Toshiba Italy may be considering Linux as well. Though Toshiba's US branch would not comment, this is still a positive bit of news, especially for people who do not particularly care for Dell's hardware."

+ - Is Apple DRM's best friend?

Submitted by Flatworm
Flatworm (666) writes "Are we looking at a seismic shift in DRM during 2007? Ars Technica doesn't think so and they believe we have Apple to thank for it. 'Apple has, in an important sense, become a digital gatekeeper for media companies; iTunes is the best way to reach consumers with music, movies, podcasts, and television. Content companies have paid close attention to the success of iTunes; they've seen how it saved The Office, pushed billions of dollars in revenue to Disney, and established itself as such a de facto standard on college campuses that students would rather use iTunes than free alternatives.' The only universal alternative to Apple's DRM is no DRM at all, and the content creators are even more fearful of that alternative."

Journal: Is Google Falsely Flagging Harmless Sites?

Journal by dare567k
Some Web site operators are complaining that Google is flagging their sites as containing malicious software when they believe their sites are harmless. At issue is an interstitial page that Google presents when a user clicks on a search result link to a site that Google believes contains malware. The page cautions users with the words "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!" Google does not block access to the site, but a user must manually type in the Web site address to con
The Internet

+ - Mozilla: Apple's Safari could come to Windows

Submitted by mrbigsocks
mrbigsocks (1049970) writes "Will Apple release a version of its Safari browser for Windows? The Mozilla Foundation seems to believe such a move is a distinct possibility. Buried in the wiki information the Mozilla Foundation posted this week about its future plans for Firefox is a statement under the "Observations & Assumptions" section that reads: "Apple may have Safari on Windows with likely ties to iTunes & .Mac""

+ - Changes to the NetFlix Queue/Ship Algorithm

Submitted by
zyzzx0 writes "It's been well-known and documented that part of the NetFlix 'mode d'operation' is a complex algorithm that, in some cases, will delay shipment to heavy renters. Very recently, in two separate cases, we have a queue of two or three DVDs that are from a single season of a television series. In both cases, disk two and three came a day or two before disk one, forcing us to put a pause to our Battlestar Galactica watching. This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, and hasn't discouraged my un-dying NetFlix love. (I dislike Blockbuster enough to never go back.) Has anyone else seen this trend, or change in 'shipping algorithm'?
And what about the latest reports that NetFlix is going to finally unveil their digital renting strategy?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - South Park World of Warcraft Becomes Reality

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "At least on the Dunemaul World of Warcraft server, the new character, Highlord Kruul, introduced by the patch on Tuesday (January 9, 2007) attacked Ironforge early in the morning on Wednesday (January 10, 2007). No one was prepared for him. No character could defeat him. Several raid groups were formed, but none could bring him down. You can't get in or out. He was there nearly all day long. This is a hilarious video, showing the ground piled with skeletons and it also shows dozens of characters getting killed. Check it out here. If only we had the Sword of a Thousand Truths (guess we'll just have to wait for the expansion)."

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