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Comment Re:Seriously, He's a troll. (Score 1) 332

he's a rockstar from the early days.

I don't think the '90s qualify as the "early days" in reference to coding. When I think early days, I think '50s-'60s--others may think of something even earlier. If you are just referring to the commercial Internet, then the '90s could be considered the early days. But not for coding in general.

Comment Re:Cursive vs. handwriting (Score 3, Informative) 921

Getty-Dubay is the way to go. I learned penmanship in the late seventies. I was taught the "ball and stick" method for print and a version of the Palmer method for cursive (lots of loops). Taking notes in college was a struggle. I wrote faster in cursive but with all the loops, it became illegible pretty fast. I got Getty and Dubay's book Write Now and that changed everything. They use the "Italic" method which goes back to Michelangelo and Davinci. It has a very classic look. Italic is much easier and more natural to use. I highly recommend it.

Comment Re:Interesting but metaphysically inconclusive (Score 1) 1020

"We want to know whether the universe simply happens to be what it is for no reason or whether there is a power behind it that makes it what it is. Since that power, if it exists, would be not one of the observed facts but a reality which makes them, no mere observation of the facts can find it."

--C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, bk. 1, ch. 4, par. 3-4

Variables don't; constants aren't.