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Comment: Late 70's ? (Score 1) 387

by atuk_daud (#39594255) Attached to: Online Services: The Internet Before the Internet
Really primitive - senior academic staff only - research stuff on a modem the size of a briefcase with speeds to slow to remember - 13 colleges across an area larger than Texas - Ontario, Canada. Community Colleges. Fun. But not practical for anything but academic navel gazing. This was about the time of the TRS80 but we used dumb terminals for commucation.

Comment: Targetting the Symptom only (Score 1) 84

by atuk_daud (#35814154) Attached to: DOJ Gets Court Permission To Attack Botnet
Seriously. This is like taking aspirin for a cold. Doesn't cure anything but makes everyone feel better (except for the side effects, of course). Since they know about it, why not take the step to track down and arrest the 'money' behind it? Seems to me this is grandstanding rather than serious crime busting. And... if they want to do it properly, don't be stupid! Don't tell them you are coming!

Comment: Re:Facts (Score 1) 630

by atuk_daud (#14243647) Attached to: The Register Takes Aim at Wikipedia Again
Facts don't change. Right. But who says the information that is presented as fact is accurate?

What changes is the knowledge that comes from viewing a different perspective on the fact at hand.

I haven't used Wikipedia that much and when I have used it I have found some of the information to be (from my perspective) incorrect. Some things can be stated with a fair degree of certainty. Others require some perspective in order to be better understood. Wikipedia provides a forum for presenting this alternative perspective.

But, as so many posts have said, to accept only one perspective as the definitive truth is.. well, what can I say... stupid.

You can not win the game, and you are not allowed to stop playing. -- The Third Law Of Thermodynamics