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Comment: Re:Air resistance. (Score 1) 1184

by attah (#41156775) Attached to: White House Finalizes 54.5 MPG Fuel Efficiency Standard
Unless I found a shitty converter.. that'd equal something like 0.44 l/10km (just the way I'm used to seeing it) Which is very exactly what my parents' VW passat from '97 manages to do, however not quite in 80 mph, say in 80 km/h. And that car has no start-stop-stuff, no regenerative breaks, no hybrid capabilites etcetc. Just pure old diesel. And that is (was) a rather nice car actually, so I don't see the problem with getting that to work with current technloogy without sacrificing too much comfort.

Comment: This is GREAT (Score 1) 200

by attah (#40578511) Attached to: Ex-Nokia Staff To Build MeeGo-based Smartphones
This really made me happy to the very core of my being! Sign me up to buy the first phone you make, no matter if none of my two N9s are dead by then. Wonder if they take smaller, albeit non-trivial, investments... I actually wouldn't even get mad if they failed and lost "my" money. At least they would have tried to do the right thing. When they get some traction i would love to come and work for Jolla, but for now I guess they'll keep the team pretty small still.

Comment: Re:Shit gets shittier (Score 1) 534

by attah (#35951032) Attached to: Another Windows 8 Pre-Beta Surfaces

People are resistant to change. As a software developer, I'm sick of my boss saying "we can't make things better because it'll disrupt users". Fuck that. Let's disrupt some goddamn users so we aren't stuck with Win 3.1 interfaces everywhere.

Same appearantly was the case with Ubuntu's unity.. but that time the dev-team won. :( Bleeping mouse-centric GUI, it takes forever to get stuff done, and here i've been complaining about win 7's grouping taskbar and OSX, but that seriously takes the price.

Software evolves. The first interface is not the best. People should evolve with it.

How about not disrupting, but instead enabling users to work in new ways (as well)? We can't all think the same you know... just because the new "flow" is better it's not for every one of us.

Comment: Re:Solution (Score 1) 1140

by attah (#33825150) Attached to: Why Are We Losing Vertical Pixels?
But what about the format?! I for one won't carry a 17'' laptop with me... They are HUGE! My 15'' 4:3 1400*1050px is smaller than just about any 15.4/15.6 and they mostly have 768 or 800 vertical pixels. (That obviously means i have more pixels, BUT also a lager display area in a smaller package) On the odd occation that you find 1440*900 that is not overly expensive... well, probably something else is wrong due to that there are like 3 of them... So no, you are making the so-called midrange laptops up, nothing portable and somewhat affordable has 1680*1050.

Comment: 4G?! (Score 2, Interesting) 138

by attah (#33628958) Attached to: Users Say Sprint Epic4G 3G Upload Speeds Limited To 150kbps
What 4G in the US&A? say what? Ah, it was only a marketing thingy.. like those chinese mp5 plyers... Afaik the only real 4G networks are in Sweden and Norway... (We are talkin some 50 Mbit downstream here) I wonder what real 4g will be called in the us.. Epic 4G, no wait... that's taken too.

Comment: Re:yup (Score 0, Troll) 747

by attah (#33574732) Attached to: HDCP Master Key Revealed
Indeed. The only use i can see for this "break-trough" is enabling your old tvs to make use of HD content, both early digital devices and of course analog ones (as this opens for more and cheaper? HDfury-like products). Thinking of it this way.. exactly what were they prohibiting? Pirated HD seems unaffected...(?) Or had they teamed up with tv-makers to help them make shitloads of tvs obsolete perhaps? I bet they were scared of all that analog HD out there because it's too damn easy to copy and distribute... oh wait! :O

Comment: Re:This is the first thing to get dropped?! (Score 1) 900

by attah (#30159150) Attached to: GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04
Well, if there are better things, include them! Still I'd consider Abiword superior in being simple to use for a Word-person, hands down. All of OOo is messed up and you simply cannot find where to change certain setting, as with msoffice, all you have to do is look a little. OOo is one of the programs that give FOSS a bad name, imho.

Comment: Re:This is the first thing to get dropped?! (Score 1) 900

by attah (#30157880) Attached to: GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04
Well yes.. I guess that's a way to look at it. But as I said, i sereously doubt average joe uses presenter or calc though. And probably they should be a few clicks away then.. And as for writer vs. Abiword there is no competition. And i didn't really object against removing Gimp, i simply meant that it shouldn't be the first to go.

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