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Comment Re:Ignorant fucking asshole (Score 2) 65

You know why?

I think a big part of it is because the guys who flew RC aircraft over the years have been serious hobbyists and not "I bought this on Amazon" goofballs.

I walk my 15 year old dog near a park where a lot of these guys fly their rigs. I've never met one who wasn't thoughtful about what he was doing and respectful of others' safety. They don't fly over the kid's playground, they don't fly over the traffic on the surrounding streets. They're human beings. A lot of them bring their kids and teach them the same appropriate behavior, while getting the kids interested in a cool hobby.

Comment Re:Folding@Home (Score 2, Insightful) 23

Zero. It was 100% funded by big bad Pharma that you guys all claim to hate.

Wrong. It was funded by the customers of big bad Pharma.

Remember, all corporate research is ultimately funded by customers. Before you go giving them some humanitarian award. don't forget it's always the customers that pay the bill.

Comment Re:Best and Brightest (Score 1) 245

We're tired of being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs.

For the record, here was the entirety of my post:

"Stories about women in tech always bring out the best in Slashdot readers."

And the AC takes this as "being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs". You just can't be nice to some people, I guess.

Comment Re:Not bad in principle (Score 1) 143

Reputation management also involves correcting widely-held beliefs about a company/organisation which are flat-out wrong. This happens more than you'd imagine, and work like urban legends - statements of dubious factual content passed around as gospel truth.

Then that's what you spend your marketing budget on. It does NOT mean you should hire an army of minimum wage sockpuppets to post phony reviews or pay media strategies companies to edit your Wiki page.

If you can't repair your image honestly, you're either not trying or you don't deserve the image you want. Social media did NOT change the rules. In fact, it may have made them more important than ever.

How often have you seen a Slashdot post condemn a company for something it hasn't done, only for that post to be modded +5 and accepted as an honest appraisal of said company?

In middle school, there was a guy who called me a bad name in front of a bunch of people. Everybody laughed, and it was the equivalent of a +5 mod. Through my behavior and speech, people soon realized it wasn't true. I did not hire 20 strangers to give testimony or to scream in the guy's face.

The last thing you want to do when a damaging falsehood about your company is spreading like wildfire across the internet is to sit there and do nothing, as that only guarantees it will continue unabated.

To paraphrase a famous politician, business ain't twiddlywinks. Bad PR is not an excuse for corporate dishonesty. I'm sorry, it's just not.

Comment Re:Why shouldn't this be public anyway? (Score 4, Insightful) 65

Because people are stupid.

HIV is pretty much non-contagious as long as you don't exchange some sort of body fluid. Now, I don't know how you go about in your everyday life, but I don't routinely have people spill blood, semen or other stuff coming out of their body into mine.

But people are stupid.

Remember the H1N1 craze? Swine flu? Or any other of the sky-is-falling pandemics? SARS anyone? Yes, they are contagious. How many cases did we have around the US and Europe? Was it more than a dozen combined? People went apeshit over that crap. Mostly because they didn't have the first clue about it other than "oh it's killing people, watch out!"

And now imagine these people should interact with people who actually carry a deadly disease. No matter that there is no sensible way they could get infected, they WILL go bananas over it.

HIV is already a disease that puts a terrible weight on your psyche. Making these people outcasts for no reason whatsoever doesn't really help it.

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