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Comment: Re:Darwin (Score 2) 668

by atomicstrawberry (#37263408) Attached to: Measles Resurgent Due To Fear of Vaccination

Unfortunately that would only be the case if refusing the vaccines removed them from the gene pool, but unfortunately it doesn't. Instead if exposes people who cannot have the vaccine due to allergies, immune system deficiencies etc. Not to mention the increased risk that in an environment where most people are immune to infection but some people are not there can be increased chance of it mutating and becoming more virulent or even potentially being able to work around the existing immunities.

Comment: Re:Last Resort (Score 1) 396

There's more OSX and Linux malware out there than you might think. Especially OSX. When it comes to Linux I'd imagine that that is mainly for servers, where being able to e.g. natively run a sweep over all those shared directories that your staff are using to cache their files, or scanning incoming mail on your mail server or the like would be advantageous.

Comment: Re:need to bring back sugar (Score 1) 84

by atomicstrawberry (#34058138) Attached to: School Children Are Now Too Fat to Fit In Class Chairs

TFA is about Australia, and Australia doesn't use HFCS at all - we use sugar in everything that would have HFCS in the US. And we have the exact same obesity problems as the US does.

The problem is the prevalance of convenient, high-calorie processed foods, a lack of understanding of correct portion sizes, and lack of exercise.

Comment: Re:Life imitates Art or Art imitates Life ? (Score 2, Interesting) 305

by atomicstrawberry (#33970716) Attached to: Japan's Latest Rockstar Is a 3D Hologram - 1996 - 1994

The concept of a computer-generated 'virtual' singer / popstar isn't really something new at all. It's probably an inevitable consequence of the modern music industry and its manufactured pop artists, fake music videos and whatnot. A virtual idol won't need to eat or sleep, they can never be involved in a scandals, they don't do drugs, they'll do exactly what you tell them, they don't get royalties and they never retire.

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