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Comment: Re:Fast - good - now focus on... (Score 1) 99

by atisss (#42562411) Attached to: Chrome 24 Released, Chrome Beta Channel For Android Added

I'm using UnloadTab for Firefox, works pretty well.
Of course hundreds of tabs for a week still requires some occasional restart (use ulimit -v in script before starting FF).

However I dislike Chrome, because occasionally it starts hogging CPU, so I even can't move my mouse.

Comment: Re:Well I certainly do (Score 2) 445

by atisss (#42204059) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Need a Phone At Your Desk?

You can get redundancy.

We do have multiple Asterisk servers on Amazon EC2, each of them can take role of another. Amazon has availablity zones, so if there is problem, it's within single zone, so it's best to have replacement in different zone.

As for ISP - we have several, and as we can control our servers, we can just quickly reroute calls to different ISP in the same office. If all of our ISPs would give us access to switching BGP, it would be even easier.

As our business depends on phone calls heavily, our telephony carrier has granted us use of backup gateway,where they can reroute DIDs within 30 minutes.

Comment: Re:Bet it doesn't upload anything (Score 1) 174

by atisss (#41681531) Attached to: Boxee TV's Unlimited Cloud-based DVR Holds Users Hostage To Monthly Fees

So they would just automatically match scenes from other recordings (and knowing which channel it was recorded helps), and keep single copy of every possible difference (ads, logo). Put all that in the nice box of interface for retrieving every individual copy and call it "compression".

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