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Comment Supplier in USA (Score 3, Informative) 240 240


I think this box would be an ideal computing appliance for the average user. Of course, I would recommend CentOS and a carefully configured set of applications and GUI.

Think, like, your mom and dad checking their email and looking for bargains on Craigslist. At 4 watts.
The Internet

Submission + - Phisher Romania-USA network busted->

Christopher Blanc writes: "International investigators have busted a vast Internet fraud network and charged 38 suspects, most of them Romanians living in the United States, the Justice Department said Monday.

The suspects are accused of using a technique known as "phishing," or sending messages to Internet users that appear to come from their bank, eBay or PayPal in order to get their banking information and steal their money."

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Linux Business

Submission + - Develops shun Vista for Mac OS, Linux-> 1 1

Christopher Blanc writes: "The headline was that most developers are still not targeting Windows Vista when they write new apps. Only 8% of the 380 developers surveyed were writing for Vista; 49% were still targeting Windows XP. Although unlikely to displace Windows volume, MacOS experienced 50 percent growth as a primary development platform and 380 percent growth as a targeted platform during the period."

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User Journal

Journal Journal: CentOS: a portal OS

This is rapidly becoming my favorite Linux distro.

For BSD, I like FreeBSD 6-series, and with Windows, I'm either recommending Windows 2000 for older machines, or Windows Vista for the new ones, but you have to set Vista up correctly. It's tempermental.

The same thing is true of CentOS, but for different reasons.

The Courts

Submission + - MySpace Suicide law Sets 'Scary' Legal Precedent->

Christopher Blanc writes: "In their eagerness to visit justice on a 49-year-old woman involved in the Megan Meier MySpace suicide tragedy, federal prosecutors in Los Angeles are resorting to a novel and dangerous interpretation of a decades-old computer crime law — potentially making a felon out of anybody who violates the terms of service of any website, experts say."

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The Internet

Submission + - Data Portability: It's The New Walled Garden->

Christopher Blanc writes: "Internet giants know that the days of getting you to spend all of your time inside their walled gardens are over. So the next best thing is to at least maintain as much data about the user as possible, and make sure they identify with your brand while they are out there not being on your site. The most valuable information a user has is his or her identity (that's why the big guys are so eagerly adopting the issuing side of OpenID so you log in with, say, your Yahoo account on other sites), as well as their friend list (valuable, plus users hate to keep redoing it all over the Internet) and other information."

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Submission + - Perl helps man find love, and impress her->

Christopher Blanc writes: "The other reason that the cover pictures are significant is that since my original goal in writing the programs was to impress my girlfriend, the cover pictures are therefore part of the output of the most successful Perl programs I've ever written. I wish all my programs achieved their design goals so spectacularly."

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The Internet

Submission + - Study: Cox, Comcast Internet subscribers blocked->

Christopher Blanc writes: "Cox Communications appears to be interfering with file-sharing by its Internet subscribers in the same manner that has landed Comcast Corp. in hot water with regulators, according to research obtained by The Associated Press."

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Linux Business

Submission + - Open Source helps CIOs weather recession->

Christopher Blanc writes: "IDC expects global IT spending to increase by 5.7 percent in 2008, down from 7.2 percent in 2007. (Gartner's numbers come in below this, with 3.3 percent growth this year on top of 3 percent growth in 2007.)

Open source is a great way to retain top talent and leverage that talent efficiently. If you're a CIO that isn't aggressively adopting open source, are you really doing your job well?

So, our strategy is to let the dinosaurs die. As new projects come online, we're going with open source or more agile proprietary products. We aren't overtly dumping the proprietary products: We're just letting them go extinct."

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Submission + - Google search now available over IPv6->

Christopher Blanc writes: "Google announced Wednesday on its official blog that Google search is now available over an IPv6 connection.

Google and others estimate that the IPv4 capacity will be "exhausted" sometime in 2011, which means that IPv6 — which will enable each individual person on Earth to have nearly 3 billion networks — will potentially take over.

"We hope it's only a matter of time before IPv6 is widely deployed," the Google blog post read. "We will be doing our part.""

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