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Comment: Re:Maybe it's time these companies learn... (Score 1) 81

by gl4ss (#49368465) Attached to: SeaWorld and Others Discover That a Hashtag Can Become a Bashtag

mcd customers don't need to advertise mcd or don't want to. the mcd is already there, everybody knows it.. what's there to advertise, if there isn't some price special going on?

but you know what's funny about mcd? the vocal complainers about the quality, horror stories and what have you.. they don't eat at mcd, have no idea where the food in mcd comes from either, they only know that it's a multinational fast food franchise and so it must be bad.

and generally, don't have a fucking clue about anything really. they'll complain about "multinationals" and mcdonalds that uses local beef and salads(some regions) while eating soy they bought from an oriental shop that sells ONLY foodstuff shipped from sweatshop production houses situated on the other side of the globe - so they'll eat noodles made with shitloads of chemicals and tuna catched by slaves but will not eat at mcd because of "moral reasons".

these same guys will go then on a trip to some oriental country and eat "clean" "natural" street food - which is what they think when they're eating papaya salad laced with spoonfuls of MSG and sugar(I'm not shitting you, a 7/11 sized grocery store in thailand will have a whole shelf of monosodium glutamate. like, if the store sells raw meat they will also sell msg) - and this is pretty much true for all of orient - and even true for the noodle shops ran by orientals in the west, you know, that cool ramen place that your hippie friend likes to go to instead of mcd? yeah, the soups highly probable laced with more sugar, oil and additives than anything you can buy in MCD(except that with mcd you get the product sheet, with those places you don't).

I eat mcd occasionally, and really, what's so bad about using the parts of the animal that you cant sell at a meat market anyways? you would think that conservation hippies would be all over that, but fuck no - they don't want to eat the parts that would otherwise go in the bin because it's "unnatural"..

Comment: could just run emulator then.. (Score 1) 63

by gl4ss (#49368149) Attached to: Supermario 64 Coming To a Browser Near You!

my friend mentioned this in a real world chat the other day and I thought it was a nintendo 64 emulator done in javascript and webgl(feasible with hle techniques).

but a fucking remake in unity that needs unity web player? you could port any emulator code into that fairly simply so what the fuck is the big deal?

Comment: Re:WIMPs (Score 1) 221

by Rei (#49366735) Attached to: Dark Matter Is Even More of a Mystery Than Expected

In fact all forces should get weaker with distance faster in an expanding space than in flat space.

That seems like quite an assumption on your part, if I'm understanding you correctly. We can't just assume that all properties of spacetime are scaling evenly - if they did, then we'd perceive no effect at all.

But perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.

Comment: Re:Still photos (Score 1) 342

by Rei (#49366707) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Some pilots would probably still want the ability to override the limits in an emergency if they feel that they can handle the situation better than the autopilot (for example, if the plane is crashing and the pilot wants better control over where/how to bring it down). If so, then you should make it a possibility to disable the limits, have it such that only *ground* can disable the limits. This would of course impose a delay, but at least overriding the limits would remain a possibility.

Of course, a pilot may try to trick ground into disabling limits (such as pretending to be going down or pretending to have a malfunction), so ground would need as much data as possible to assess whether the situation is legit. Might be tricky... best would be to err on the side of caution and only remove limits if everyone is absolutely sure that this is appropriate, if there's any doubt the answer should be "no".

Comment: Re:Wrong Focus (Score 1) 93

by Rei (#49366605) Attached to: SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies

Not today. But maybe in the future. If you can develop a crazy-power-dense energy source and cooling system, you could probably do it with a MPD thruster. The research I've seen on MPD thrusters operating in pulsed mode yields crazy output relative to the mass of the thruster. But you can't run it continuously because it'd overhead and take way too much power. But who knows about the future? There's the potential for extreme heat conductors like isotopically pure diamond, maybe a some kind of fission fragment reactor with a deceleration grid for power...

(of course, if you have a fission fragment reactor, at least when you're in space itd be best just to jet your fragments rather than use them to power a MPD thruster...)

Comment: Re:It is (Score 2) 93

by Rei (#49366565) Attached to: SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies

I hope they simulate propane too, not just methane. Propane has some really interesting properties as rocket fuel but have (like methane) never gotten much research. But now there's a big rush to research methane as fuel based on the concept of generating it on Mars - so propane still gets left in the dark.

Methane's ISP is only very slightly better than propane's - 364,6 vs. 368,3 at a 100:1 expansion into vacuum and 20MPa chamber pressure. But propane at around 100K (note: not at its boiling point, 230K) has far higher density (782 kg/m^3), closer to that of room temperature RP-1 (820 kg/m) then that of boiling point methane (423 kg/m^3), which reduces tankage mass and cost. 100K propane's ISP is of course better than RP-1's 354.6 in the same conditions as above. Plus, its temperature is similar enough to your LOX that they can share a common bulkhead, which reduces mass further and simplifies construction.

Hydrogen generally is the easiest fuel to synthesize offworld. Methane is generally second, and propane third. Hydrogen is often rejected as a martian fuel because of the tankage and cooling requirements. Methane can be kept as liquid on Mars with little cooling in properly designed reflective / insulated containers - but so can 100K propane, in similar conditions, but with significantly smaller tankage requirements.

It seriously warrants more research, I tell you what.

Comment: What happened to Topistat? (Score 1) 71

Back in the 1970's a friend who had been a medic told me about a spray clotting agent that was then saving lives called Topostat or Topistat. He found somewhere to buy it commercially and a few of up pitched in and got some spray cans. I never use it for more than patching up a scraped knee, but it seemed to be great stuff. Scrape you knee, spray on this stuff, and you had an instant scab to stop further bleeding.

I've never seen it again since, and even a search of the Internet seems to be completely ignorant of it. Apparently a Trademark was given for the name in 2004, but as that was about 30 years from when I saw the product that I had I'm thinking it is likely a different product. Anyone have any information on this product from the 70's?

Comment: Re:The true sticking point - China (Score 1) 143

by gl4ss (#49365349) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

that sounds pretty weird, if you look what actually happened.

they deliberately arranged so that they were running out of food, what they did with the food is not related to that. in fact, they would have been better equipped to get industrialized without the famine.

and hungry industrial workers were needed to survive wwII?? industrial workers were required, but also the men were sent to the fronts, having nothing to do with that class of people being created from peasantry dying in masses due to famine.

and most importantly of course there were areas where people weren't dying from lack of food during the famine that was "everywhere". and no offence but people on gulags of course experienced famine, no matter where the gulag was - they were put there to experience famine!

Comment: Re:Wrong Focus (Score 4, Informative) 93

by jcr (#49365325) Attached to: SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies

As it happens, back in the '80s I worked at a company (Commonwealth Scientific) that built ion-beam guns based on the Kaufman duoplasmatron, which was the basis of the mercury-vapor thrusters that NASA had developed in the 1960s. The company was trying to make the aperture of the guns as wide as possible, and the difficulties included neutralizing the ion beam on the way out, keeping the plasma inside the gun stable, and keeping the beam density even. Basically, the bigger the gun, the harder it was to make it run steadily. When I was there, they had 8" apertures and were working on scaling them up to 12" apertures.


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