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Comment: Details of Atari's near death experiences... (Score 0) 127

by atarimuseum (#42648385) Attached to: Atari Files For Bankruptcy
This is nothing new at all for Atari, the company nearly folded in 1974 because Nolan appointed his brother-in-law, a psychologist to run Atari and went over like a lead brick... of course, then the huge profit losses in Dec 82' that nearly dragged Warner Comm down, and then its sale and split in July 1984... So this is yet another chapter in the long sorted drama of Atari... If you really want to know all there is to know about Atari, told directly by the employees themselves, you really need to head over to Amazon and pick up this incredible new book on Atari - Atari Inc. Business is Fun Check it out:

+ - The Fairy Tale of Atari, meets the Grimm reality of extensive fact checking..->

Submitted by
atarimuseum writes "Long ago in a Valley of the Kingdom of Atari was built by his majesty — King Pong, who single handedly invented a spot motion circuit, invented Pong, and just about everything else... or did he? 40 years later, the curtain is being pulled back and the real truth about the all Powerful and Mighty OZ of Silicon Valley seems to have fibbed just a bit more than a little about his early days as a video game industry pioneer..."
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Comment: Jobs Legacy being undone :-( (Score 0) 247

by atarimuseum (#42222687) Attached to: Steve Jobs Patent On iPhone Declared Invalid
Wow, I'm really surprised this was lost, there was nothing else like the banding and other highly intuitive GUI features introduced by the iPhone... I just got a new book off of Amazon last week called Atari Inc Business is Fun and it has this whole section called Breakout of Myths and it totally tells the full details of Steve Jobs working at Atari and it even has input from Wozniak on building the Breakout arcade. There was actually far more detail in this book than the Jobs book so I'm glad I picked it up. If Apple's IP and Jobs legacy is dismantled you have to wonder if Apple will continue to keep putting out great product that everyone plays catch-up trying to clone :-(

Comment: Atari invented this in 1984... (Score 1) 47

by atarimuseum (#29941529) Attached to: Controlling Games and Apps Through Muscle Sensors
What is funny is Atari did this back in 1984 with their "Mindlink" headband controller: It was quite good, too bad the company switched gears to primarily computers at the time and didn't go forward with the controllers. Its amazing how people forget about stuff that was invented decaded ago and announce them today as if they just discovered the wheel for the first time. Then you have the exact opposite - you have older technologies that have been reborn with a whole new purpose - take the old Atari joysticks from the 70's and 80's - just simple 5bit hardwired controllers, nothing really special in today's world, but they were the controllers by which all others were guaged in the 70's and 80's... Now there is a company who has brough those very same controllers back, but now they pack USB circuitry in them and can be used on PC's and Mac's - cool stuff indeed! Next thing you know, someone will bring Pong back and claim its this innovative immersive head to head combat game! ;-) Curt

Comment: Re:Atari joysticks sucked! (Score 1) 2

by atarimuseum (#25423343) Attached to: Atari 2600-style USB Joystick Released
Then you should go to the website: and have a look at the inside photo, its a completely different design from the original Atari joysticks, no inside white stalk and ring, gold contact points, high speed USB 2.0 interface, no ghosting or other issues associated with lower quality USB joysticks. These are designed with durability in mind. Curt

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