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+ - How would you redesign the TLD hierarchy?

Submitted by
at.drinian writes "Last week, we heard about the many applications for new top-level domains that have been put forth by various businesses and organizations. ICANN, of course, has come under heavy criticism for its process. If you didn't have the accumulated baggage of 30 years of DNS, how would you redesign things? .public and .private TLDs only? No TLD control? Country-level domains?"

Comment: PacSafe bag cages (Score 4, Informative) 241

by at.drinian (#39987909) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Secure My Life-In-A-Briefcase?
There's a company called PacSafe that makes what are essentially collapsible wire cages you can wrap your bag in, and then chain the bag to something solid, like a drain pipe: That being said, I went around the world a couple of times without one of these, and did just fine. They tend to draw attention.

Comment: Re:Sadly nothing new with Wordpress (Score 1) 112

by at.drinian (#31994548) Attached to: Massive Number of GoDaddy WordPress Blogs Hacked
You are absolutely correct -- I was a victim of this attack despite using stock Wordpress, with all the latest updates applied. I would have never discovered it, either, if it weren't for Duke University's IT department (the blog was on their subdomain) being incredibly on-the-ball with security checks. Wordpress has unfixed security holes that are being exploited; people need to know!

Comment: T-Mobile, almost like a decent non-US carrier (Score 1) 395

by at.drinian (#30801860) Attached to: Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?
T-Mobile is basically the only US carrier that seems friendly towards folks with unlocked phones just looking for a SIM card. There's also been some rumblings that they might start offering the first prepaid data service in the US; how likely that is, I don't know. I do know that they used to let iPhone users use their prepaid data plan for Sidekicks, but that is no longer possible. They only blocked port 80, though, so you can still check your mail via IMAP, or SSH to a remote sever somewhere! I've even used Opera before, by passing my traffic through an Opera proxy server. Also, you can get $100 of prepaid credit for $70 by utilizing cash back (YMMV) -- and that credit is good for a year. Not bad if you don't do a lot of talking or need port 80.

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