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Comment: Re:it depends on where the value is (Score 1) 1018

by asukasoryu (#33088108) Attached to: High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay
I'm certain if you had the software, you would not make money. The software is a tool. Someone has to make the resources available so that the programmer can develop the tool (these guys don't just come up with this stuff out of thin air). Someone has to have the infrastructure to deploy the tool. Someone has to employ the tool properly based on the state of the market at any given time. If the software was so great, the programmer wouldn't need a boss, he would be the boss.

Time to send your attitude back asshat. Just trying to have a discussion here.

Comment: Re:In defense of football (Score 1) 828

by asukasoryu (#33087750) Attached to: What's Wrong With the American University System
I disagree. Like TFA says, there may be 8 or so profit generating athletic programs out there, but most are just for show. Most athletic programs may make money, but they don't make more than they cost. Otherwise I wouldn't see that cost show up in my tuition. If the athletic programs really MAKE money as you say, my tuition should be cheaper.

Comment: Re:Yet...he agreed to it right? (Score 1) 1018

by asukasoryu (#33082978) Attached to: High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay
I half-agree. You have to make the best informed decision you can upfront. It's sometimes hard to tell what a job will entail until you've done it (early in your career). After you've been at it for a while, you may realize there's more to it than you anticipated, at which point you might want to renegotiate.

Comment: Re:it depends on where the value is (Score 5, Insightful) 1018

by asukasoryu (#33082074) Attached to: High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay
I agree here. Does the algorithm do everything on its own and the programmer's bosses have no input? I'll bet the software is a very small piece of the money-making picture. Was the programmer provided with any resources to write that algorithm? Could the programmer write the algorithm on his own, freelance style, and sell it to the company? I doubt it. Maybe these programmers deserve a raise, and the bosses probably get paid too much, but this is a one-sided story.

Comment: Re:why Opt-out? (Score 1) 205

by asukasoryu (#33081954) Attached to: FTC Wants Browsers To Block Online Tracking
No one's asking how targeted advertising works - we all get it. The issue is whether we all want a push or pull system. If I really want info on a product, I should have to pull the info from somewhere. I do not want advertisers constantly pushing the information down my throat. It's annoying and intrusive. Plus, I don't want advertisers gathering detailed info about me to do it. Why do advertisers think they have the right to throw garbage at us?

Comment: Re:Useful for stationkeeping? (Score 1) 95

by asukasoryu (#33074100) Attached to: LCD 'Engine' For Spacecraft Attitude Control
Magnetic torquers are already in use and would have the same benefits/limitations as these LCD thingies.

Magnetorquers are lightweight, reliable, and energy-efficient. Unlike thrusters, they do not require expendable propellant either, so they could in theory work indefinitely as long as a sufficient power source is available to match the resistive load of the coils.

Comment: Re:Why????? (Score 1) 205

by asukasoryu (#33073040) Attached to: FTC Wants Browsers To Block Online Tracking

Then turn fucking cookies off, like you've been able to for a decade.

My cookies are off. I still don't want advertisers stalking me. I shouldn't have to be on the defensive.

How could they do one without the other?

You can sell a product without collecting any information about the purchaser. Every company knows how many units they're moving. Why do they need purchaser details? They can continue to use surveys to get details that people voluntarily offer. Advertising is a tool, not a right.

you're simply assuming that because you don't like it, nobody else does either.

You're assuming what I assume. I just stated I don't like it. I could care less what everyone else thinks.

Comment: Re:Why????? (Score 2, Insightful) 205

by asukasoryu (#33067600) Attached to: FTC Wants Browsers To Block Online Tracking

Is there *any* evidence that the data collected has ever been misused in any way?

I don't particularly care if the data is misused because I don't agree with the method of data collection to begin with. I don't need people tracking my actions to see how to advertise to me. Advertisements are annoying. Advertisers should be tracking products or sales, not individuals.

Before the government starts regulating an industry, shouldn't there be evidence that the industry is in fact in need of regulating?

I support the FTC being proactive and considering preventative action. Should we wait for a crime to be committed before we make it illegal?

Disclaimer: I work in an advertising company

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