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Comment: Re:and how many people just cramed the test (Score 1) 304

by astrodoom (#43927081) Attached to: Hacker Exposes Evidence of Widespread Grade Tampering In India
What do you mean by integer rounded? His graphs are of score on the x and # of that score on the y. Both his axes are integer values. Do you mean it's possible the test had fractional scores and he (or the scorers) rounded them in the analysis? Otherwise I don't understand your point.

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by astrodoom (#43296897) Attached to: USPS Discriminates Against 'Atheist' Merchandise
I'm not twisting anything, this was my point to begin with. You have to tie the action to the belief system. You can say "Jesus said" in front of anything, but unless you can tie it to the belief system in some meaningful way (in the case of Christianity, the bible), you're just spewing smoke.

"Go back to kindergaten"

Obviously Christians don't control the market on intolerance. Hypocrisy is a human condition, not a christian one.

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Like many other tyrannical governments, the Nazis twisted the religion of the country to their own means. The III Reich did not grow out of the church, it took over the church in 1933, after the rise to political power. The problem with statements like yours is that they make it seem as if anyone who says they are a christian automatically gets whatever actions they take attributed to the religion. If you want to say that Christianity is responsible for the crimes in Nazi Germany, then what you are really saying is that the Nazi argument for the holocaust, world wars, etc is a valid argument within the precepts of Christianity. If you'd like to argue that, then go ahead, but otherwise the crimes can't be attributed to Christianity any more than I can attribute every crime committed by an atheist to atheism.

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by astrodoom (#42095819) Attached to: Confidential Police Documents Found In Confetti At Macy's Parade
My guess is one of the floats had confetti or someone in an apartment wanted to take part in the parade. Why was it police documents? There are lots of ways that could have happened. Explanations start with an apartment owner who works at the station taking home a bag of "confetti" to throw out their window, and go all the way to a conspiracy. Also the possibility of a recycling company that shreds stuff and sells it as cheap confetti (I personally think this is highly unlikely).

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Your tone conveys an attitude that your employees shouldn't be interested in how the company is run, that's a huge red flag from my experience.
It's not prima donna to inquire about the history of the position. You should want employees who think they can succeed where someone else has failed.
I don't understand employers who think company operations are of no business to their employees. I may work for you, but I'm putting my livelihood and that of my family in your hands. You don't have to justify all your decisions, but some explanation of the direction and plan goes a long way.

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