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Comment: Re:I see it both ways (Score 1) 630

by asticia (#41368705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Does Time Tracking at Work Go Too Far?
Does the work get done by those salaried employees? Because that's all that matters. If it does, what's the problem they take hours in breaks? They may be reading e-mails and chasing up stuff at 1am in bed from issued Blackberry while you're happily sleeping. This is significant for many IT professions, I used to wander around office when there were days without too much of actual work besides preparations, but then hell broke loose between 1 and 4 AM during migration.

Comment: Re:It *was* more rigorous back then.. (Score 1) 564

by asticia (#34625048) Attached to: Do High Schools Know What 'Computer Science' Is?
Maybe that's because of amount of knowledge and information and everything in this rapidly developing industry? 25 years ago it may not be that hard to absorb most of the knowledge when it came to computers (you know those cliche pictures of men in white coats running around computers the size of cabinet or boys programming first software in garage on Amigas), Turings etc. were basic of all, but now - what would you consider being true computer science? Designing hardware? Microprocessors? Algorithms? Programming? Networking? Which field or technology in networking? Systems administration? Even project management? It's too much diverse today.

Comment: Death (Score 1) 473

by asticia (#34455230) Attached to: People With University Degree Fear Death Less
When you die, biology and chemistry takes care of your body. Desperate, huh? People realized this, therefore created "there has to be something beyond", afterlife, energy beings, heaven, hell, etc. to make it more bearable. Then built whole system around it, based on "what you do during your life ... and here you have religion :-)

Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan. We may as well think of rocking a grown man in the cradle of an infant. -- Edmund Burke