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Comment: openbsd (Score 2) 127

by astar (#47001383) Attached to: 5-Year-Old Linux Kernel Bug Fixed

Openbsd defines any potential security issue as a bug. Emphasis potential. The interesting actual exploits these days are sometimes 15 unexploitable glitches strung together.

The Linux kernel is oriented towards supporting all the cutting edge hardware. This is not going to make security very practical. Openbsd is, ah, stodgy. But what openbsd brags on is "no remote holes in the default install" not "no local exploits".

I think that Linus cannot fix this sort of issue. Theo could take lessons from Linus on nasty around systemd but Linus has not been consistently nasty and I think it too late.

Send Theo money.

Comment: Re: First World Problems (Score 1) 384

Curiously it is illegal in North Carolina to perform a same sex marriage ceremony simulation. Sure, you cannot get the government paperwork and everyone knows this but a minister doing the deed anyway is a criminal. So the government is being sued on 1st amendment religious freedom grounds by churches and ministers. You were saying?

Comment: nuscale and general atomics (Score 1) 165

by astar (#46881817) Attached to: Setback For Small Nuclear Reactors: B&W Cuts mPower Funding

I live not far from Corvallis Oregon. Off the top of my head I think DOE just announced big awards in SMR. But not to the people who are crying in the story.

Around here we name our streets Gaia and hate nukes. And some locals picked up a quarter billion from DOE for SMR The first one will be in Montana.

Story might not be complete.

Comment: Re: That is why social Hacking is Bad MmmKaa. (Score 1) 329

by astar (#46850811) Attached to: Anonymous's Latest Target: Boston Children's Hospital

As it happens I am fine blaming the victim. But maybe blame is sort of something a dumb ass does. But that suggests that if you learned to blame yourself for what happened to the victim then you might end up less a dumb ass. As far as our standardized victim she should blame herself for not seeing how you set her up. After getting over that, she should recognize that you the dumb ass are not going to be helpful and the only one who will help her situation is herself. At this point we have a nice Hobbsian utopia.

Comment: Re: But it isn't (Score 1) 195

by astar (#46838165) Attached to: How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off

I followed your link and it becomes self-referencing. Further the precision of equality is "about". And the Mohr scale is extremely non-linear. But the Mohr scale is also an operationally defined scale. So there is little need to argue. What scratches what? So why is there not a good cite? Probably because the operation is not reliable on these materials. Thus the equality is ambiguous. Now i do not know anything. All i did was follow your link a bit and be a little thoughtful. I am sure you being a thoughtful person have already consider all this and found it to be dismissable.

Comment: Re: RMS mentions a comparable situation (Score 1) 266

by astar (#46615925) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

A use able box and a ssh link to target? Maybe switch to something besides Linux like one of the bsd or a derivative like OSX. Try a high end cell? Play nice with Theo and crew who get really offended about bugs. You might be able to do a good bug report and have a fix the next day and after testing it would be pushed upstream. Then you might be able to use the next Linux release. Of course the fix would require you to apply the fix.

Comment: Re: Sarcasm (Score 1) 173

by astar (#46604189) Attached to: Homeopathic Remedies Recalled For Containing Real Medicine

Placebo work very nicely even when you tell the patient it is a sugar pill and mark the pill bottle as placebo. Further it is likely to better than perscription drugs for many values of better. The is well tested in reasonable studies but for some reason there is not a lot of money for big studies Watch out for the Whoosh there. This is all nice scientism except there is not a nice reductionist explanation.

Here is a fun one to inflame all. When I had a nice little chronic pain opiate addiction I notice some claims about acupuncture and an actual cite. The cite supported the claim. But it turned out that one of the controls was sticking needles in randomly instead of doing it correctly. Correct was a bit better than opiates. Random was twice as good. Smallish sample size. Never repeated as best I know.

The problem with the story is two fold:

no labeling
overusing antibiotics but in the US we lost that battle a long while ago and we will be lucky to have any left that work relatively soon. So this company might be doing a big potential plus.

Comment: Ken and Google and acm (Score 1) 370

by astar (#46589793) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Fastest, Cheapest Path To a Bachelor's Degree?

It happens that in some places on Slashdot and elsewhere if you refer to Ken or Dennis people know who they are. Ken is still round i hear and working for Schmidt at Google i imagine when he went by HR it was after he was hired. So the need to get pass HR checklists is not a law of nature.

Consider join ACM. You are more than qualified. They award nice pieces of paper than in my day were liked by HR. They have top notch educational offerings. They offer job search help. There are a lot of networking opportunities etc. The last two are the ones that really counts.

As far as CS degrees i am unenthusiastic. Pick up something that is not techie that you will enjoy.

Comment: Re: No confirmation (Score 1) 194

Oh my. I do not work at lhc and never have. I am not a scholar though i play one on Hulu. Everything i know i learned at slash U. No wonder you were pissy. I thought that since you were making an emotional argument i should try to make nice in spite of having a bad hair day trying to research something around a local instance of demographic pressure on a few hundred elk. Your nice noise cheers me. Thank you.

Comment: Re: No confirmation (Score 1) 194

The big things in science last century was first that logic says math is not true and then we came up with computer modeling as a new kind of science. We have decided to ignore the first as best we can and on the second pretend we know how to do it correctly. What does this have NOT to do with with anything scientism? Still you are fundamentally correct. I have been puzzling over the relationship between addressable memory models and security vulnerabilities and the proposal to go to the 128 bit words because the numerical calculations are too flaky to be fully trusted depresses me. I really thought 64 bits should be enough for everyone. Sorry. I should know better. Have a great day.

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