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Comment: Re:National security more important than individua (Score 1) 309

by astaldaran (#23279174) Attached to: Bill Would Bar US Companies From Net Censorship
The idea's of a "right" is a complex thing...obviously we can't all be completely autonomous..if we were we'd be just like country's and so we should be fighting one another all the time. Obviously this isn't desirable so we give up some of our "rights" so as to protect other "rights. Meaning we'd rather have a better life over all as opposed to absolute liberty. Also I'd like to note that there are two kinds of rights (liberties) which we are referring to..and they are very different. Positive liberties: political liberties/ what you may exert on others/society Negative Liberties: What people/society can't do against yourself. Both are needed to allow us to pursue happiness and yet coexist with one another.

+ - Has OSU network security gone to far?

Submitted by
astaldaran writes " The Ohio State University has just announced that starting the next academic quarter, students will be required to run anti-virus, anti-spyware, and update software before being allowed to use the campus network. While security officials can be expected to say that this will help keep down the number of viruses spread through the network, it also means advanced users who prefer not to waste valuable clock time on this software are stuck either tricking the network authentication or not using windows or Mac OS X. Yet one more reason for users to switch to linux."

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