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Comment: More Pens, Less Swords (Score 2, Insightful) 1574

by assertation (#46768869) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

The United States would be in a lot better shape if people protected privacy, protected the freedom to assemble/protest, and fought campaign funding abuse ( Citizens United, etc ) the way the NRA fights for guns. It would be a lot more secure in freedoms as well as its physical safety.

Comment: A Lose - Lose situation (Score 1) 193

by assertation (#46724787) Attached to: Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

A lose-lose situation.

Colbert's fans get deprive of The Colbert Report.

Colbert loses viewers from going on at a later time and having his humor constrained by the stricter rules of broadcast television.

It seems like Letterman's ( or Leno's ) job is a place where comedians losing steam go to wait to die.

Comment: Re:Go to hell (Score 1) 218

by assertation (#46648151) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

All of the people in the United States who own guns and guns way beyond hunting rifles and home protection haven't stopped the Supreme Court from passing a law the other day to allow billionaires to pool their money in political campaigns.

Guns.......and phones without kill switches will not protect your freedom.

Only being an informed and involved citizen will.

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