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Comment: Re:Unsupported assertions (Score 2) 189 189

I suspect processed foods are not harmful. A raw food diet is a lot likely to be less optimal (basically, cooking - which is processing food - is what made us human: processing our food allowed us to break it down a bit meaning a simpler, more efficient digestive process, allowing us to have larger brains).

If you cook from fresh ingredients, guess what you're still eating processed food. Just because the food processing happened in your home, doesn't mean it's not processed food. It doesn't matter where the processing occurred - in your home, in a factory, or wherever, so long as the food doesn't contain excessive quantities of crap. I think the real answer is avoid crap foods. Foods with large quantities of refined sugar for example. I think the main things of home cooking (processed foods processed in your home) is that you know what went into the process so it's easier to avoid the crap simply by not adding it to the recipe.

Comment: Re:take care of yourself and you will look good (Score 1) 189 189

I'm 43 and people who meet me think I'm in my 20s (well, apart from the receeding hairline but I've had that since a teenager). I drink, I eat processed foods all the time, I have plenty of milk, not too much sugar, and love gluten. I exercise a bit (mostly ride my bike). I drink tea (hot with milk, no sugar) by the gallon. I eat ice cream and chocolate probably too much. I'm 5'11" and weigh 152lbs.

Unless you've got a specific condition which gluten aggravates (celiacs etc.), gluten free diets are a fad diet that just take some of the joy out of food. It's no more healthier than a tasty gluten laden diet.

Comment: ANTIOXIDANTS! (Score 1) 189 189

Consuming 40 pounds of blueberries a day will stop the aging process!

I can see lifestyle and genetics being the main drivers. Look at 3rd world citizens, some look like they are 50 when they are in their late 20's. High stress life, lack of proper nutrition, etc...

But then you have the genetics curveball. There is a guy here at work that is 70 years old and he looks like he is not a day over 40.

Comment: Re:trick them into it ... (Score 2, Informative) 214 214

People dont understand that.

It's why I am fending off job offers monthly. I have a skillset that is in very high demand and I am in a field that has never had a lot of people in it.

So when I get a job offer and change jobs, I can dictate my pay, compensation and work conditions. I dont start a new job with the peons and starter vacation, I start at max vacation, the desk type I want, the equipment I want, and the amount of office space and window.

This is what happens when you work hard at being someone that is very very good at the job and in a very in demand field.

Comment: Re:it could... (Score 1) 116 116

The closest I can think of when it comes to real-world devices that have a large reduction ratio, would be something like the mechanical tachometer/hour counter combinations seen on old tractors and similar -- where the dial indicates something like "hours at 1500 RPM". That makes for a reduction rate of 900000 from the engine shaft to the rightmost wheel of the counting device if that were to rotate once per 10 hours.

But in these, the reduction would be done via several stages of worm-drives, and the reduced speed is important, not the increased torque. And they are thoroughly obsolete -- anything made since the 1980s would use electronic devices to do this.

For torque multiplication, this would require some seriously strong materials in the later stages. Even then, the total power would be limited by the maximum speed of the first stages as well as the maximum torque of the latter stages. Yes, with sufficiently strong materials it could move a house though it would have to do this over a period of several months. Hard to see how this could be practical outside of mechanical instrumentation applications.

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