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Hardware Hacking

+ - Best Baby Monitor Solution

Submitted by asn
asn (4418) writes "I've been tasked with finding a baby monitoring system for the soon to drop Son 1.0. It is incredible how bad the reviews are on all the systems — poor sound quality, wifi interference, lack of privacy/security, poor video at night or no IR illumination, no standard interfaces, etc. Video seems to be useless if audio is no good in my opinion. I've thought about going the networked camera route, but that seems prone to failure and probably more complication than my wife would stand (even though I'd like to be able to view junior when I'm travelling for business for kicks, throw it up on my monitor while working, on the PiP while watching TV, etc). I'm sure some of my fellow slashdotters have been through this before — any ideal or creative solutions that I can buy or hack together?"

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