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Comment Re:Surface 2 Pro, for Pros (Score 1) 616 616

I would draw on a tablet screen. I think the Surface Pro is a good alternative to the expensive artist tablets that Wacom sells like the Cintiq and their upcoming windows 8 tablet that is $2,000. Trick is to make the interface small enough to make the drawing area larger.

Comment Re:Arsenide is a material? (Score 2) 128 128

GaAs semiconductors have been around for years. The issue is it sucks at oxide growth and therefore makes it expensive to fab.

You can get around this by adding aluminum to GaAs, creating a hetrojunction transistor. Other materials like Indium can be used as well.

The beauty of these materials is you can get different bandgaps making it possible to create a true multijunction solar cell bumping up the conversion efficiency to around 40% which is almost unheard of in normal Silicon solar cells. The devices also have the advantage of running at multi GHz speeds with little issue.

Comment Re:Why is anyone interested in the Moon? (Score 1) 262 262

Because its the closest large body next to the Earth. It takes a few days to get to if there are any problems and can be used as a stepping stone to other planets since the escape velocity is much smaller than Earths. Don't forget that the Moon also has a source of H3 that we can use for future fusion reactors on our own planet, rather than depending on fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

If you are worried about radiation doses you are still going to get them during the trip to and while on the surface of mars.

Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 89 89

And no, GIMP is not competition (and I have been using that, since the late-90s).

The fact that I use it instead of Photoshop shows it is. I suspect that as Photoshop start moving more and more to the cloud and users have to pay a subscription, more people will suddenly find Gimp very competitive.

I would rather rent Photoshop than ever use GIMP again.

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