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Comment How long is a nanosecond (Score 1) 157 157

I attended a talk she gave in the early 80's. She was quite an entertaining speaker. She was able to describe some concepts in an easy way to undersand way. Like how long is a millisecond or a nanosecond? She handed out nanoseconds at the end. I still have that little 11.8 inch piece of wire.

Comment Toastmasters (Score 1) 361 361

Best way to learn to speak better is Toastmasters www.toastmasters.org
Learn to give speeches and you will learn to communicate better in all aspects of your business and personal life. Earn the "Competent Communicator" award and your boss will not be able to use that line on you anymore.

Comment We just migrated to XP! (Score 2) 879 879

My company just migrated to XP in '07, we still haven't seen XP's useful life! We should be migrating to Windows 7 about the time Win8's SP3 comes out!

The IT department claims that it costs too much to roll out a new OS and rebuild all the remote management tools, train the Neytwork staff in the new OS (but not any end users), and pay for upgrades for 2000+ PCs...


Submission + - AU Gov censor own website

An anonymous reader writes: The Australian Minister for Communications and the Digital Economy has had his own website censored :http://www.news.com.au/technology/conroys-website-removes-references-to-filter/comments-e6frfro0-1225834474153. The tag cloud generation script has been modified client side to remove references to "ISP Filtering" which is truly ironic given the Minister is pushing for a ISP censorship system to be installed, yet welcomes open discussion of policy.
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Submission + - In 3 weeks iPhone has 1% market, Motorola down 2%->

pete.com writes: "The latest ChangeWave consumer cell phone survey — completed July 20, 2007 — shows a virtual upheaval occurring among cell phone manufacturers and service providers as a result of Apple's (AAPL) entry into the space. Although iPhone sales are still in their nascent stages, the effects on cell phone manufacturers are already beginning to take shape — and no company is bearing the brunt of this more than Motorola (MOT). While it still leads all other manufacturers in terms of current market share (31%), Motorola has dropped 2-percentage points since a previous ChangeWave survey in April to its lowest level in more than a year. http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2007/8/emw54418 5.htm"
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In Australia, An Ebay Sale is a Sale 267 267

syousef writes "An eBay sale is a sale says an Australian New South Wales State Judge in a case where a man tried to reneg on the Ebay sale of a 1946 World War II Wirraway aircraft. The seller tried to weasel out of the deal because he'd received a separate offer $100,000 greater than the Ebay sale price. The buyer who had bid the reserve price of $150,000 at the last minute took him to court. 'It follows that, in my view, a binding contract was formed between the plaintiff and the defendant and that it should be specifically enforced,' Justice Rein said in his decision." I haven't found anything like this in previous discussions; have there been similar decisions like this handed down in the US, Canada, or Europe?

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