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Comment Re:Is playing a game Artificial Intelligence? (Score 1) 65 65

I think computers CAN do the equivalent of understanding social and psychological aspects. They don't have to 'feel' it to perform it.

Simple call pre-flop. Flop comes 773.

Human player (KJ). My opponent is quite conservative. He is unlikely to have a 7 and will probably even fold a 3 with a medium kicker if I bet big enough. I don't want to bet too high though, in case he DOES have a 7 (and if I did have a 7 I'd most likely bet about the same amount, so opponent cannot tell the difference from my behaviour). I'll bet 5 x big blind. If I'm called he probably has a 7 and is slow-playing, to extract the maximum from me, so I'll tone it down if he calls. If he re-raises I cannot call.

Computer (KJ) Figures the odds (easy) having 7 and of having a 3, and maybe an A. Uses game theory to semi-randomly choose between checking and raising. The bet amount is also chosen using game theory and some randomisation. The effect of this ends up being very similar to a good human player.

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