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Comment Re: I agree (Score 4, Interesting) 121

Android apps are really Java apps with lots of gui customizations. It's all the gui and OS specific calls that make translation difficult.


.. and Windows phones will run said apps slower than Android phones will, because they'll use extra RAM hosting Windows plus an emulated Android environment, and they'll chew CPU because system calls won't be native, and probably the GUI will be slightly off. Windows phone users will experience a second class Android app experience.

That will make Windows phones appear inferior. Windows phones would have to offer something else that users really wanted (like AD integration) to make people put up with poorer app performance.

Comment Re:Typical of those poorly trained... (Score 1) 226

WolfWithoutACause said ... b) the copilot was actually French, and not Asian ...

Yes, and perhaps there was a reason he was flying for an Asian airline and not a European one? Of the Asian airlines, I'd only happily fly with Singapore or Cathay. I've also flown Malaysian, Air Vietnam, Thai, China Eastern, Hainan, and China Southern, and while I had no great complaints about those flights I suspect the crew quality wasn't equivalent to (say) Qantas, Emirates, Etihad, BA, LH and other first tier airlines. I haven't flown on Japanese or Korean carriers but I'd expect them to be OK. Indonesian airlines are at the very bottom of my list.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 5, Insightful) 298


The crazy part is that the Paris terrorists didn't use encryption and nothing they did was affected by Snowden in any way. So to raise Snowden is a total non sequitur.

If anything, the Paris attacks weakens the case of those who want to ban encryption. Encryption simply wasn't a factor and banning it would not have helped.

Comment Blue gloves (Score 1) 400

The last time I flew into the U.S. the TSA guy was typing my family's details into the computer while still wearing his (hopefully unused) blue surgical gloves. He sent the rest of my family through but not me. He asked me to accompany him, and at that stage I started to clench. Thankfully I just had to sit in a room for 5 minutes and then answer some inane questions, and I was on my way, rectum unscathed.

Comment Split updates (Score 1) 56

Google could even provide the updates directly if they classified their libraries, programs, and apps into those that the carriers and vendors could play with and those that they can't.

It should be perfectly possible to update an SSL library without interfering with any customisation. They could even allow veto of patches of carriers and vendors, if the patches really did break anything. Of course the carriers and vendors would have to be given a few days to test for breakage. But, even with such a veto, 95% of Android security vulnerabilities could be patched.

Vendors could still release their own patches for allowable libraries and programs, and Google might even want to assist with infrastructure and control systems for that. Improved vendor patching benefits Google.

This patching issue, and the volume of vulnerabilities, is really hurting Android in big organisations deciding whether to support Android phones.

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