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Comment: Re:If only financial engineering was a viable prod (Score 1) 67

by asifyoucare (#47291721) Attached to: BlackBerry Back In Profit

Yes, they're a chance if they start marketing properly. They have a very strong security message for corporates, and that message is only getting stronger post-Snowden.

For corporate (not private) use, BB is the most secure phone/e-mail platform, and that's gotta be worth a lot when phones of at least two national leaders are getting hacked. For non-corporate use, they're not secure because they allow governments of India, at least, to spy on their customers.

If senior executives travel to (say) China, they'd have to be idiots to prefer iPhone or Android to BB. They should know they'll be spied on and they should know that the Chinese (and others) have no qualms using whatever information they can get for commercial gain.

This is the message they should be pushing.

Comment: Re:next 50 to 100 years? (Score 3, Insightful) 453

by asifyoucare (#46956207) Attached to: Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet
But if they are to us as we are to slugs, how much empathy would they have then? I don't go out of my way to kill lower life forms, but I don't particularly care when I do. Probably an advanced life-form would be scientifically curious about life on earth, but if we were their hundredth similar planet and they wanted something from the planet, they'd just take it.

Comment: Re:Why are network providers allowing FORGED packe (Score 2) 158

by asifyoucare (#46216649) Attached to: DDoS Larger Than the Spamhaus Attack Strikes US and Europe
Even if those addresses didn't belong to your network, you should have had a route to them via your inside network. If you allow outbound packets from addresses in your own network AND from addresses for which routes exist on your inside network, that should cover 99.99% of valid situations.

Comment: Straw man (Score 1) 846

by asifyoucare (#46032853) Attached to: Global-Warming Skepticism Hits 6-Year High
Your complaint seems to be "Skeptics are demanding that climate models very accurately model the global average temperature in each of the last 15 years, before they will accept general trends from those models". I don't think skeptics are demanding that. Rather, they've seen that most of the early doom-and-gloom models have predicted the last 15 years quite poorly, and are thus unwillingly to accept predictions from those models will be anywhere near accurate into the future. That seems entirely reasonable to me.

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