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by ashpool7 (#46886083) Attached to: Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

in regards to iOS, the store and the OS are inseparable

in regards to Android, the OS allowing side-loading is the avenue that allows malware to enter

technically, it might matter as to if you say it's an OS issue or a "platform" issue, but practically, the nature of the OSes make the difference on this issue moot

+ - The gift that keeps on giving: Snowdon files report NSA broke most encryption-> 1

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An anonymous reader writes "“For the past decade, N.S.A. has led an aggressive, multipronged effort to break widely used Internet encryption technologies,” said a 2010 memo describing a briefing about N.S.A. accomplishments for employees of its British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. “Cryptanalytic capabilities are now coming online. Vast amounts of encrypted Internet data which have up till now been discarded are now exploitable.”"
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The IQ of the group is the lowest IQ of a member of the group divided by the number of people in the group.