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Comment: Correct! (Score 1) 148

I have a 2006 Prius and just recently we got a 2014 Prius V... And the '06 has a vastly superior navigation system. The '14 comes with crapware-loaded Entune and some of the worst user-interface decisions I've ever seen in a product.

I like that it shows me the traffic, but it'd be nice if they licensed Google Maps for the information so it'd be closer to accurate. And it'd also be nice if roads in cities weren't grey-on-grey with grey text. (Why are you showing me that I'm in a city by changing the background to grey anyway? Is the population of the current governmental entity really critical information when driving?)

It's also somewhat amusing - but also irritating - to see garbage like Bing or in the car screen, which work if you connect them to the internet on your smartphone... But if I have my smartphone in the car, wouldn't I check movie times on that, instead of a never-updated slow app whose interface was designed by someone that wears their pants on their head?

Comment: Re:The rest of the world plays the same video game (Score 1) 1168

by aseth (#42341617) Attached to: School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games

Switzerland issues fully automatic assault rifles (real assault rifles, not just "scary looking semi-autos") to every mentally competent male of military-eligible age.

Switzerland also requires that said mentally competent males of military-eligible age go through military boot camp and be part of their National Guard Reserve equivalent. Once their term of service is over, the automatic capability of the rifles is disabled.

Comment: MA - Incredibly smooth. (Score 1) 821

by aseth (#41897311) Attached to: U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?

As usual. Walk up, tell them my name and address. It gets crossed off and a paper ballot is handed to me. I fill in some dots with a marker, then stick it into a machine that reads it and I get a shiny "I voted today" sticker as they mark me off in a second set of books.

It took at most five minutes. I have no idea how other states can mess such a simple process up so badly.

Comment: Re:Throwing the Nuclear Baby Out with the Heavy Wa (Score 1) 657

by aseth (#36378578) Attached to: Could the US Phase Out Nuclear Power?

People are good at overreacting. The zeppelin industry didn't last much after May 6, 1937 except as novelties, despite nearly two thirds of the people surviving the accident. Most airlines would love those kinds of numbers in a crash. On average in 2010, more people died every seven hours from car accidents in the US.

Pointing out that there are Gen IV reactor plans incapable of having accidents like this is impossible when people are in full panic mode.


Doctor Marries Doctor's Daughter, TARDIS Explodes 326

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the try-saying-that-five-times-fast dept.
techmuse writes "In a veritable Who's Who of Doctor Who, 10th Doctor David Tennant is marrying Georgia Moffett, the daughter of 5th Doctor Peter Davison, who played the Doctor's daughter in an episode of Doctor Who. Except that the Doctor's daughter was a clone of the Doctor, which meant that she really was Who. So a newer Doctor is marrying an older Doctor's daughter, who is a clone of the newer doctor, but only has half the DNA of the older Doctor."

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