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Comment: Re:New? (Score 1) 181

by asavage (#46714861) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?
The one good thing about plants vs. zombies 2 over most other fremium games is the game isn't too hard to beat without paying. All the pay only plants and player upgrades are totally unnecessary. They do have game currency boosters which I think I needed to beat optional levels but you get enough coins from just playing so no reason at all to use real money to buy. While I don't like fremium games, PvZ2 I think is one of the better ones I have seen.

Comment: Re:Entitlements vs. consumables (Score 1) 181

by asavage (#46714737) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?
The other thing about free to play is games is a game that should cost maybe $5 for the whole game can cost thousands of dollars to get everything. To make up for the 99 that don't pay they want to make $500-1000 from that 1%. Games like Simpsons Tapped Out for phones/tablets can cost over $20 just for a single "premium" character like Barney Gumble. You can't even grind to earn these characters as they are pay only. The premium currency (donuts) is given out so slowly in a year of playing you won't have enough to buy even one of the higher cost premium characters.

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by asavage (#44948549) Attached to: Popular Science Is Getting Rid of Comments
CBC's comments also got a lot worse a few months ago. They removed the downvote option, now require logging in to upvote a comment, and removed the ability to remember viewing preferences (ie sort by most liked). Requiring a login to upvote you might think is a good idea but they have so few people upvoting that now every extreme comments can be most rated and people can't downvote them. You also get auto logged out frequently with a login field that doesn't let browsers store your user name and password. Oddly also if you open a few stories in tabs and then login in one tab, all the other tabs even reloading or refreshing the tabs won't log you in.

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by asavage (#44696805) Attached to: US Electrical Grid On the Edge of Failure
The poster you are commenting on is talking about house wiring. Europeans will have only 1/4 the voltage drop for the same load (as a percent off nominal voltage). This means voltage drop is negligible in an European house. A 2000W load using the smallest wire size allowed (#14 AWG) can go over 45m with less than 3% voltage drop at 240V, but can only go 11m and might trip a 20A breaker if wired with 120V.

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by asavage (#44669985) Attached to: Barnes & Noble Won't Give Up On the Nook
It is so much nicer to read off e-ink screens than tablets, especially when outside. The battery life also makes e-readers great for traveling as they get much better battery life. When I see people reading on a electronic device in public it is almost always an e-reader over a tablet. Sales might be down but there is no reason for most e-reader owners to buy new devices as a new e-reader isn't noticeably better than one bought 4 years ago. A 4 year old tablet is much worse than a 2013 Nexus 7.

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by asavage (#44447183) Attached to: Study Finds 3D Printers Pay For Themselves In Under a Year
What makes the orthotic example crazy is the normal $500 or whatever price for orthotics includes (at least where I live) 2-3 doctor visits as well to prescribe and measure, fit, and make any adjustments. For someone who needs prescription orthotics they can't just print out a template and get something that fits properly, although once they get the orthotics it might help make duplicate pairs. The person buying these orthotics also is buying them as they are covered by their medical plan so the cost to the user is almost nothing.

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by asavage (#44165489) Attached to: Firefox Takes the Performance Crown From Chrome
The test with the biggest difference was memory usage, with Firefox using half the memory of Chrome. This matches comparisons I have done. If you ever have to use an older computer with 2GB of RAM Chrome is pretty much unusable while Firefox works fine. I have an SSD so I turned off virtual memory. With 8GB of RAM I would have to close Chrome if I want to play a game but have no problems with Firefox.

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