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Comment Re:huge waste of resources (Score 1) 252

My preference would be to stay always on daylight savings time and never go to standard time. However switching between the two is very useful in Canada where even in Vancouver the length of day doubles over the course of the year. 8 hours of sunlight in December and 16 hours in June. It is really nice in the summer for it to not be bright at 4am and have a long evening with lots of light. Going to standard time allows it to be light at 8am which I guess is good for some people commuting and walking to school but I'd still rather have that light for the evening.

Comment Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 2) 167

Android 5.0.2 seems to only be released to fix bugs on tablets. It doesn't seem to be released for any phones. Google did release 5.0.1 for Nexus 5 quickly but Google only updates devices slowly over a number of weeks. If you are unlucky you might get the update 2 or 3 weeks after others. Google should really allow people who want the update to install it without having to download the factory image and install manually.

Comment Re:How does mesh network works? (Score 1) 85

I think some of the peer-to-peer software development might have solved this problem. the first generation peer to peer software all nodes were created equally creating massive traffic overheads. The second generation used the "super peer" model where high bandwidth nodes were connected to each other and most nodes connected with a super peer. With people moving around physically the mesh network becomes more complicated but when density is high like at a protest or sporting event a super peer network model would work really well and scale much better.

Comment Re:Not just iPhone (Score 1) 421

The guy who made the video above did a followup with the Note 3. He uses more force and the phone gets almost no permanent damage. The iphone 6 and 6+ are having serious bending problems worse than other phones. In the original iphone6+ bending test video above he noticed his iphone was already slightly bent before doing the bend test and only owning for a few days.

Comment Re:Hulu: Television for Women (Score 1) 138

$80M for 3 years and $8/month means they need to gain 277K subscribers to break even, not counting ad revenue and hosting costs. It seems like new episodes will still be on the south park studios website reducing some possible views. Another way to look at it is they will need to grow their subscribers by about 5% (6M now) and it cost them about 3% of their yearly revenue (1 Billion). It doesn't seem like it would pay back but we'll see I guess.

Comment Re:Thanks for the tip! (Score 1) 448

Here is an example with fake pledges: If you look at the day 2 stats, $26,720 raised from 34 backers or almost $800 per backer. Someone put in a few large fake pledges to try to "kick start" the funding.

This game creator also tried to remove a bad youtube review with copyright infringement request even though they gave a license key to that reviewer.

Comment Re:Removing gluten in the mash? (Score 1) 46

Reading the link from pancake_lover below, it is a different method but it sounds very similar to "fully hydrolyzed" wheat flour. This can be done using components that often naturally occur in sour dough starters to break down the gluten into smaller components. Apparently regular sour dough bread is partially hydrolyzed so better for people with gluten intolerance but still causes some microscopic damage to people with celiac disease (although they might have no symptoms). There is a study about this you can find on google but they made sure they had specific components in their sour dough that might not always be present. It is also my understanding beers are lower in gluten than expected from the ingredients as the gluten gets partially broken down during the fermenting.

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