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Comment: Re:Uhhh... what did he just say to us? (Score 1) 337

by asamad (#44854133) Attached to: Study: Our 3D Universe Could Have Originated From a 4D Black Hole

These are one and the same thing. Black holes are not particularly special; the event horizon isn't some solid barrier things crash into. It's merely the point of no return, beyond which escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Objects which enter a black hole "cease to exist" in exactly the same sense as objects which pass beyond the visible universe: any effect involving the object would need to propagate faster than the speed of light to reach us.

I remember reading sometime ago a theory that black holes were one side of a white hole in another dimension. So the even horizon is the point where the matter is entering faster than the speed of light going into a a singularity that is then pouring it out the other side and at its edge is another event horizon, but matter is expanding away from the singularity at faster than the speed of light.

Comment: No brainer (Score 1) 86

by asamad (#44461693) Attached to: Utah Set To Exempt NSA Datacenter From Power Tax, After All

$1.5B 4 months from completion ....

hit them with the tax. what they are going to throw away $1.5B in setup cost and then spend another $1.5B if not more on a new centre. on $2.4M worth of tax ...

Stupid politicians, sure they are just cover their arses... Wouldn't surprise me if the NSA flexed some muscle ... we will reveal this if you don't ....

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