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Comment: Re:Interesting. But might end up as more of a toy. (Score 1) 41

As said this could be an interesting device. But I'm not really sure what this will allow anyone to do.

The point isn't what you can do with it, the point is that it's fun to build it and to experiment with all of the sensors. Perhaps that experimentation will spark some ideas for building things that actually are useful, but even that's a second-order concern.


What happened to the slashdot of old?

Comment: Re:lol capitalism. (Score 1) 69

by swillden (#48033539) Attached to: eBay To Spin Off PayPal
Apple Pay isn't new. It's just another spin on what Google and ISIS (now SoftCard) did before it. The reason PayPal didn't change the world was because the financial industry is owned by the banks, and they don't allow it to be changed except in the ways they want. Many have attempted to bypass them, or undermine them, and none have succeeded. PayPal didn't do it in the past and isn't going to in the future. Neither is Apple.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 167

by Penguinisto (#48033509) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

Really, you think professional 3d modelers don't know what a vertex is? Really?

They have an idea as to what it might be ('a mathematical point in cartesian space' would be the description given if you're lucky), but, say, how it behaves under subdivision and which SubD algorithm produces the best results for a given use case is another story entirely. That's why I put the word "really" in the sentence you took your question off of.

Let me give a more concrete example: Raytracing. Sure, they'll know how it would (mostly) behave in their given suite (depending on which render engine(s) they send it to regularly), but knowing how light (and more importantly, shadows and occlusions thereof) behaves, so as to produce a better result, especially when shooting for realism? A pro photographer likely has a better idea of how light works than most of the schlubs who push mesh around. ;) Put it this way - I can count a very small percentage of folks who have done a good enough job of it to fool all but the most experienced eye.

Comment: Re:"Contrary to what we were sometimes taught" (Score 3, Interesting) 69

by timeOday (#48033323) Attached to: Antarctic Ice Loss Big Enough To Cause Measurable Shift In Earth's Gravity
More fundamentally, ALL equations are only approximations. They are just models of reality that fit well enough to suit the purposes, or as well as we can currently measure. The Laws of Physics are our current understanding of the truth, not the truth itself.

Comment: No, no, no, and NO! (Score 1) 529

by msobkow (#48032725) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Recently I was having trouble with my Debian box, an old 3.8GHz single core creaker. So I shifted my emails, my personal data, and my development tasks over to run on my Windows 7 laptop.

That was two weeks ago to the *day*. Today I had to do a system restore because some drive by hit it (even with Adblock Plus running, as well as firewalls, anti-virus, and a hardware firewall.) My folk's Windows 8 system got hit twice, and the 8.1 upgrade has been hit once -- and they don't *do* surfing, other than a half dozen reputable websites, and their email and games. So they are *not* going to porn sites or anyplace else famous for infections.

Today I was so frosted over the drive-by forcing me to waste an hour recovering the machine that I took another stab at addressing the overheating CPU on my Linux creaker, and discovered I could unclip the fan from the CPU cooler so I could clean out the cooler fins *properly.* That box is over 10 years old now, and since I switched to Linux, it's been disabled exactly ONCE -- and that because Ubuntu's upgrade process couldn't deal with a running DB/2 UDB instance in the startup scripts and crapped out *horribly*, leaving the box corrupt (I've been on Debian since.)


I don't give a rat's fat ass what version number MicroSquishy uses. Windows is CRAPWARE and there is no way on Earth I will EVER use a Windows box as a general surfing platform again. Running builds and compiles in a restricted environment? Playing music? Sure.

But let it loose on the Internet again? Never. Ever. EVER.

Comment: Note: Theologians (Score 2) 235

by msobkow (#48032513) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Note that the article and book discuss what educated theologians think, not what the followers think.

Philosophy and "what if" questioning are a big part of religious educations. The general public, not really.

So while the Pope and Dalai Llama might be willing to welcome ET with open arms, wingnuts like Westoboro Baptist are going to have apoplectic fits about "devils" and "demons."

Comment: Re:Completely Contained? (Score 1) 322

by hey! (#48031825) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Ebola is (according to the summary) completely contained in Nigeria and Senegal. This 2014 outbreak is all over West Africa, and according to TFA (I know, I know) the patient had just returned from Liberia, a West African country where the current outbreak has (obviously) not been contained.

Someone bringing this virus back is not so surprising. The big deal will be when we have our first case of endemic transmission -- when someone *catches* the virus here.

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