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Comment Re:Why not just bundle the app? (Score 1) 16

No. For Amazon it's about tying people into their media infrastructure.

They don't need the Kindle for books, because just about every device has a Kindle app. They want to get cheap Kindles out there, so people then buy movies and music and books and games and... lots of other stuff from Amazon. And I see you're buying a movie, did you know can can subscribe for only $99.99 a month and get free access to everything?

Comment Re:And this is what that means: (Score 5, Insightful) 195

So if you want a content limited, pay-walled, countermeasure-riddled web -- just stick with that childish attitude. But if you want a sustainable, awesome web ecosystem -- then start proposing acceptable limitations that nurture the publishers we all love.

I remember the horrible, awful, web before advertising brought us to the Brave New World of 'content' that exists solely to make money from ads.

I'd like it back, please.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 3, Insightful) 195

The reason companies advertise is to generate name recognition and ultimately sales. And if advertisements did not increase sales or derivative income companies, both large and small, would not be spending billions of dollars a year placing ads.

[citation needed]

The only thing we can really conclude is that people whose job is to convince people to buy stuff are able to convince companies to buy their services.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 300

Con-Agra was going to get tax abatement anywhere they went, and in fact, even with the tax abatement, they're going to be paying more taxes than they did in Omaha after the move to Chicago.

Boeing's tax bill also went up after the move to Chicago. However, the Federal subsidies were enormous. And again, those subsidies had nothing to do with the City of Chicago. Every state in the US offers companies sweeteners to move. It's why we have a race to the bottom in this country.

So really, you're the one who's wrong.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 1) 414

Depending on the corporate structure, you doom your career with the company if you ask for such orders in writing.

Note at all:

Subject: Smog modification clarification

Mr Smegbert,

I just wanted to clarify your verbal request to disable the backfeed loop on the emissions detector; did you want that to happen all the time or only automatically when the engine was not in drive? The possibility exists also to make this a button that the driver could push.


Smarty McSmartpants
Sr Propeller Head Engineer guy

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1, Insightful) 300

Yea, I've been in Chicago (last week actually) and I'm chuckling too, mostly at you. Yea the "EL" is there and folks do ride the thing, but to get around the windy city and the suburbs, the bulk of people take the extensive number of toll ways in their cars. There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

First of all, it's not the "EL" it's the "L". Second, there are exactly ZERO tollways within the Chicago city limits. Nobody pays tolls getting around Chicago. If you want to come in from Milwaukee or fucking Indiana, yes there are toll roads that start in Indiana and that's only because nobody wants anyone from Milwaukee or Indiana coming into the city because they don't know how to behave.

There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

Yes, it's because the I-PASS is for the entire state of Illinois and public transit customers tend to live in the Chicago area.

Personally, I chose to drive myself while I was there...

May I ask where you're from? I'm really curious. Plus, I want to write a letter to city government asking to build a wall.

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