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Comment: 3 Words: Life of Fred (Score 3, Informative) 231

by artisteeternite (#46401495) Attached to: Teaching Calculus To 5-Year-Olds
As the homeschooling parent of a 5 year old we have learned this first hand. We stumbled upon a set of books called Life of Fred that are "story books" that incorporate math. They were written by a math professor tired getting students that didn't know math and thought it was "hard". He incorporates basic algebra using x from almost the very beginning. They cover many topics that most think of as "advanced math" in simple, natural ways. As the story unfolds Fred has to use math in a variety of situations. It shows that math is practical and teaches it in an accessible way. Even better, the stories are silly and ridiculous and fun for all ages.

Comment: Re:Could be safer than typical GPS (Score 1) 226

by artisteeternite (#46339273) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws
My argument was that wearing Google Glass does not by default make it distracting. Here in Florida, the law is no texting except at a stop light, but GPS is still allowed. I think that's a reasonable middle ground. I understand that Google Glass would make it more difficult to know what someone is up to, but there are also non-distracting ways it could be used. Mostly, though, I live on a planet where I prefer laws be implemented AFTER there is a clear and present danger. I don't like laws made from guesswork. Someone that causes an accident while using Google Glass can easily be prosecuted using existing laws. And once there are enough Google Glass wearers out there that our law enforcement can come back and say, "Look, we're seeing this particular problem that needs resolved," THEN the lawmakers can pass something.

Comment: Re:Could be safer than typical GPS (Score 1) 226

by artisteeternite (#46338469) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

Doesn't work that way you have to look into the screen, it sits above your FOV.

It *IS* distracted driving.

Okay. I watched the video. So you're right, it wouldn't be superimposed on the road. The question is, how much would your eyes actually have to move to see the content and how much can easily be seen with peripheral vision. It still seems like less of a distraction than external GPS.

Comment: Could be safer than typical GPS (Score 1) 226

by artisteeternite (#46337953) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws
From one of the previous conversations, I understand that Google Glass does not really have useful GPS navigation yet. However, I would think GPS built into Google Glass and superimposed on the actual road would be significantly safer than shifting your eyes to glance at the GPS regularly.

Comment: The Events Calendar Pro (Score 1) 120

by artisteeternite (#46065939) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Events Calendar Software For Local Community?
If you like Wordpress I strongly recommend The Events Calendar Pro It's both powerful and easy to use. It's not free but makes up for it in the time you'll save. There are plenty of plug-ins available to make it do exactly what you want it to do. I'm a designer, not a programmer, so I'm always looking for the simplest and most cost-effective web solutions.

Comment: Re:I don't see much of Adobe products surviving. (Score 1) 520

by artisteeternite (#33831774) Attached to: Against Apple, Ballmer Floats Microsoft Merger With Adobe
There have been discussions in the design world of Apple having the ability to replace the Adobe Creative Suite if Adobe pissed them off enough. If Microsoft was actually dumb/evil/malicious enough to screw over every single graphic designer in the entire world, then I think Apple would totally steal that entire market share in short order. I'm a designer but hate working with Macs. We all think plenty about Adobe sucks, but their software is so much better than any other graphic design software available on the market they're still our heroes. But I would be come an Apple fangirl in a second if Microsoft tried to replace Adobe design software with their own stuff.

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