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Comment: Re:And blocked in court in 3, 2, 1 . . . (Score 0) 234

As a constitutional matter, municipalities do not have any independent existence; they are organs of the state governments. Municipal governments only have whatever powers states choose to give them, and the federal government may not commandeer a state government. So if a state chooses to deny its municipalities the authority to sell Internet access (or sell it below a certain price), then no declaration from the FCC can give the municipality that power, nor require the state to give a municipality that power.

So, all this vote means is the FCC majority has decided to waste a bunch of taxpayer dollars losing a lawsuit.

Just like states are only part of the country? States were abusing their authority to disbar municipalities due to business buying their votes. A very monopolistic action. They should actually go all RICO on them and throw their boards of directors in jail.

Comment: Re: And don'tforget the tax dodging (Score 1) 102

These companies follow the tax code as written/enforced. If you don't like the revenues the current tax code generates, rewrite the tax code - but don't be surprised if they seek out a new location with lower taxes.

That's when you make sure you add a rule that even if you leave (ie. headquarter in another country) that you still have to pay an equal tax here or that foreign country.

I believe this is the current thought and idea to implement.

Comment: Real vs. Imaginary. (Score 2) 825

This 14% to 19% is closer to the USA's 'real' tax rate, which has so many loopholes that it's actually lower than most of the developed world.

People love to harp on the fact that the USA's corporate tax rate is so high, but it truth with all the political rewriting of the corporate tax rate its fairly low.

And then you have companies like Apple doing their all out best to not pay taxes at all.

The last is what Obama is trying to remove. And Republicans/Fox News and it's handlers are going to try their level best to sell the American People that this is a bad thing to fairly tax the poor super-corporations that get away with bloody murder.

Comment: Re:Well, duh (Score 4, Interesting) 117

1/ MPAA / RIAA lie - news at 10
2/ PR statements are bullshit - news at 10

Where's the surprise here?

Actually, if they report this as part of their stockholder's meeting/information about the state of their company, I think it's quite illegal. As in the Feds can come in and start checking your books for other 'hundred million dollars lies'.

(Sorry, did not mean to post anonymously).

Comment: What use new features if account recovery is bad? (Score 1) 99

by arthurh3535 (#48610515) Attached to: Skype Unveils Preview of Live English-To-Spanish Translator

It doesn't matter how many new features they add if their account recovery is so broken that the owners can't get control of their own account. Most people don't want to make a replacement account as a solution.

I mean, you really expect someone to remember what year you made a skype account? And (not or) the first five contacts on your contact list?

Comment: Re:I don't get it... (Score 5, Informative) 266

by arthurh3535 (#48593217) Attached to: Judge Rules Drug Maker Cannot Halt Sales of Alzheimer's Medicine

an antitrust lawsuit accusing the drug company of forcing patients to switch to the newer version of the widely used medicine to hinder competition from generic manufacturers.

Were the drug company sending hit squads round to take out the doctors that were prescribing generics? Did they launch a tactical air strike on the generics factories? Hijack the lorries carrying the generics?

I'm sorry but, so far as I can tell, manufacturers are free to manufacture the generic, doctors are free to prescribe it and patients are free to take it. I don't see why Actavis should be forced to produce a drug they no longer want to produce and I don't see what this can possibly achieve because once the drug leaves patent protection the generics manufactures will be able to manufacture it regardless and, before then, patients will have to buy the pricier brand-name drug anyway.

I don't think the patent had actually expired yet on the older medicine. It was just getting close to expiring. Drug companies have figured out the 'new' way to keep you off of generics is to 'improve' the formula so that your doctor wants to keep you on the new one. I'm on Tribenzor, which is literally just a mix of three regular and cheap blood pressure medicines, but it's 'not generic' so I have to pay a much more expensive rate.

So yeah, this is just scum sucker scam way of maximizing profits at the cost of the patient and his insurance.

Comment: Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 1) 878

Did I miss where the USA added a new territory or state recently? I'm sorry, while the US does like to keep airbases in other countries, we don't invade them and force the area the airbase or navel base is in to join our country as a full territory..

The best sign that Russia is BSing about this expansion is that it only took them a week to get a 'referendum' through their proxies, while it usually takes years or decades for it to happen civilly.

Comment: So? (Score 1) 572

They were over-reaching and taking too much power. They proved that they were corrupt and were not doing much other than infringing on American (and our Allies)'s rights.

They need to be pruned back and learn that we do no live in a fascist state.

Really, some of those leaders who lied under oath should be facing prison time.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?