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Comment Re:Big Sister is watching (Score 1) 766

Since git and .git is apparently ok, I propose that .bro gets changed to .berk

More seriously, what's the point of 3 letlter file extensions these days? Hasn't pre-Win95 DOS fle systems been pretty much dead for a while now, or will brotli be backported to DOS proper?
So why not .brotli?

Comment Re:Don't RTFA (Score 2) 317

The real problem with "proposed principles" is the same as the "Do not track". It assumes that the players will follow the rules. They won't. They will take whatever extra is given, and otherwise only follow their own rules, which are based on what gives the most profit.
This will only make it easier for unscrupulous advertisers, as they now have published guidelines for what to defeat.

Comment Re:Mozilla can't even block popups (Score 2) 317

You keep putting 'CLOUD' features in when the basic privacy/speed/control principles that underlined Firefox are being weakened. pocket lists? sync? Unwanted features that were available as addons now get forced in the browser?

Sync was great, back in the original Netscape implementation. You could sync to your own web server, configured with whatever security you wanted. No sending your bookmarks and passwords to someone else.
The sync functionality broke around Firefox 3 or so, and later it got removed instead of fixed. And then someone reinvented the wheel, but this time square.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 71

Given the options, I take the "factor" to mean "reason to be concerned over my own".

I think whoever wrote this poll didn't understand the words "biggest" and "factor". Before seeing the options, I was thinking RSA Inc and similar commercial factors, but the poll options made no sense in that context.
I then thought he or she meant "most likely driver", but the poll options still made no sense. If that were the case, I'd have expected to see fear of governments or corporations as options.
Perhaps he or she meant biggest pitfall?

I don't know. It's English as She is Spoke.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 2) 364

+1 Unintentionally Informative

This is probably true, to some degree. 4chan attracts the outliers or long tails of the bell curve, i.e. the misfits who don't fit in, from both sides of the curve. This also includes some quite intelligent people.

But a perhaps a more interesting question is where did the wisdom go, and that certainly is not 4chan.

Comment Re:Some facts... (Score 1) 695

In most places I have worked, if anyone needed training and didn't pick up stuff by themselves, they weren't useful and didn't last long. No matter what gender.

Mentoring, yes. Training, no. Unless you're a line worker, training does more harm than good, turning people into stunted robotniks.

Comment Re:On the Internet no one knows you are a dog... (Score 1) 695

People are turned away. Anyone saying that "code is the only thing that matters" is completely wrong. If that were the case, why do we have conferences? Why do we have communities?

I don't go to conferences. I don't know of any "communities". I contribute code, and rarely has any code been turned away. No-one has ever asked me any personal questions like gender, age or ethnicity. People don't know, and yet they accept my code.

Same with a couple of apps I maintain - I don't give a flying fuck whether you are a 60 year old hairy dyke or a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and I have no interest in finding out. It's irrelevant. If the code passes sanity checks and improves something, and you accept the license, in it goes. Whether you have a dick or not doesn't matter, as long as you're not being one. I probably won't know unless you go out of your way to tell me, and if you do, you've just wasted some of my time.

Comment Re: there is no conflict between science and relig (Score 1) 269

Don't confuse amoral with immoral.
And evolution is what has given us moral. Individuals who do not commit murder, torture and other disruptive actions have a greater chance of survival and their offspring surviving. With the exceptionally long time period from birth until the offspring can survive on their own, cooperation and herd rules have been selected for.
We don't need any religion to tell us what's moral and not.
Science doesn't tell us, but it sure explains it.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 392

Those coders *did* make the decision to cheat.

No, they didn't. The functionality for being able to adjust the power and emissions on the fly is useful code, and allows for both fine-tuning, troubleshooting, and the equivalent of unittests.
The third party company that delivered the components even told the customers that they should not keep this code enabled in production.

So no, the coders are not at fault here, at all. VAG management is.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 578

Movement within the EU is legal for those with an EU passport

There is no "EU passport".
The right to move and reside freely is granted to any citizen of the EEA (EFTA plus Lichtenstein) and Switzerland, and a passport is not required if you have another national identity card.

Or a residence card showing you are a family member of a citizen of one of these countries, and are either travelling with or to the family member.
And that is the case for many of the asylum seekers, who want to travel to specific countries like Sweden and Germany, where they have family. The problem is a catch-22 one, because they cannot obtain the family member residence card allowing them to travel to their family before they are united with their family.

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