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Comment Re:Warning - Uber astroturf detected (Score 1) 111

And the taxis I see are 15 year[s] old

Unadulterated bullshit. I drove taxis for 3yrs, the oldest one I drove was 5yo, it had 1.2 MILLION kilometres on the clock.

Which country/city were we discussing? Because the only time I've heard a London cab driver say "kilometers" was when he was spouting racist bullshit about Poland.

The maximum age of a black cab in London is 15 years, so they are indeed often the oldest vehicles around. Before 2013, they could have been even older.

Comment Re:A good point, but poorly phrased. (Score 1) 351

I won't argue that moc and the voodoo it does it's scary, but the thing is.. it works really damn well. By contrast the weird crap GTK does (with things like glade) is simpler but often causes problems that are a headache to sort out (at least for me).

Comment Re:A good point, but poorly phrased. (Score 1) 351

Trying to write anything using GTK after using Qt feels like going back in time. It's amazing that GTK is still around and so popular, it really is shit.

Dunno if I'd stretch it as far as you have, but definitely agree that as a toolkit Qt kicks GTK's ass and always has.

Comment Re:The real reason (Score 1) 424

Watching old interviews of Lucas is kinda depressing. The guy does have a talent. Maybe he's like Tarantino and needs people holding the leash and a limited budget for it to really work, but I do think a lot of the original trilogy was him. It's sad to see a guy go from being revered to being almost universally mocked.

"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing."

He once said that! How does a guy go from that to a mind numbing scene that's basically 2 characters smashing light-sabers together on a CGI backdrop for like 20 minutes.

Comment Re:great timing... (Score 2) 43

Off the top of my head:

When a company is getting out of a line of business and no longer needs the skills those people brought.
When a project downscales and there's nothing new for everyone to do.
When a company looks at their workforce and realizes they've got too many of one skillset and not enough of another.

There are legit reasons, but often it's about firing your skilled local (and more expensive) workforce and bringing in cheaper replacements. Shuffle everything around under the guise of a "restructuring" so it's not as obvious, but you end up with the same number of people only a lot cheaper and less local.

Comment Re:Scrum is fine in theory (Score 1) 371

Definitely A.

If your testers, upper management, and customers arn't on board, you end up with exactly what you said.

Personally I think scrum works if you arn't religious about it. Take the bits that work, introduce it slowly, don't get hung up on the "proper" way of doing something. As you said, the core principles are sound, and I'll add that a lot of the management tools built around scrum are pretty decent. Building often makes sense, testing incrementally makes sense, letting the customer see things early (usually) makes sense, etc.

Comment Re:we eat insects already (Score 1) 381

I tried some insects, from a company in England that sells them. (Possibly )

Ants tasted particularly bacony. I was a bit disappointed that almost everything we bought was really small and dried -- I'd have liked to try something with a decent amount of meat on it (at least as much meat as a prawn).

It made for a somewhat different dinner party, anyway. It was hosted by a vegan friend, who was vegan for environmental reasons, so felt that insects were OK.

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